PreGel is Platinum Sponsor of the Gelato World Cup

PreGel presents a new international project to support the gelato makers who will compete at Sigep 2020

PreGel has always been attentive to events that encourage the culture of artisanal gelato, driven by the strong need to communicate and make a symbol of goodness known throughout the world. When the opportunity arose to sponsor Gelato World Cup (CMG), the company did not hesitate to support the research and development of new flavors. This event allow us to express at 360°, developing a strong synergy with the other sponsors and all 12 teams competing.
For this reason, PreGel decided to create a project to involve the champions and make them part of the big family, while providing all the knowledge, research, and quality of the products. Everyone will showcases a recipe that represents their passion, via use of the company line. All of this will be accompanied by a short interview that will reveal the character and approach of the candidates who make up the different teams in the race, both with regard to the event in general and in preparation for the final round.
The first publications will be dedicated to the Team Italy, and then Hungary, Spain, Japan, and many others. This is an international project that aims to present the experience and tradition of different professionals in the race, as well as the versatility of PreGel products.
This is just the beginning of the various initiatives PreGel is organizing as Platinum Sponsor in anticipation of the final CMG. All you have to do is discover the first recipe and stay tuned for alerts about the new products for 2020!


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