Raw pastry and gelato at the Museo Novecento café in Florence

Chef Vito Cortese opens his Cortese Caffè 900 in the new spaces of the Museo Novecento Caffetteria


The chef launches his gourmet restaurant in the heart of Florence, Italy, in the new spaces of the Museo Novecento café in Piazza Santa Maria Novella. We are talking about the Cortese Caffè 900 by Vito Cortese, raw-food pastry chef, consultant for luxury hotels and restaurants in Italy and abroad, who focuses on chocolate, biscuits, pralines, spoon desserts and gelato, all without flour, milk, eggs, yeast and sugar-free, offered in 130 m2, with a wide space outside, under the loggia, next to the entrance to the museum.

Authentic flavors and nutritional properties of each component in dessert and gelato

The production of Cortese derives only from raw materials with high nutritional value, bio and vegan, transformed by means drying and fermentation processes, into gourmet recipes. “Raw food pastry is a new taste experience – explains the chef -, a more conscious way of approaching food, in which the ingredients’ authentic flavors are highlighted, kept in their most natural form that preserves the nutritional properties of each component. This is not a return to the past, but a look towards the future: in my lab we dry, centrifuge, ferment and rehydrate. Then, with patience and care, we create balanced desserts with a great visual impact”.

Emanuela Balestrino


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