Recipe by Armando Palmieri


Dacquoise base

400 g icing sugar
200 g ground raw almonds
200 g ground toasted hazelnuts
500 g egg white
160 g sugar

Use the icing sugar and the dried fruit powder to prepare a tpt (tant pour tant) then sift. Meanwhile, beat the egg whites with the sugar until stiff in a planetary mixer, then add the tpt. Spread to a maximum thickness of 1 cm on a tray lined with baking paper
(700 g of mixture on a 70×40 baking tray). Bake at 175°C for approximately 30 minutes with valve semi-open.

Semifreddo base (Biscotto Ghiacciato)

300 g red fruit puree (in this case red currants, raspberries)
252 g Italian meringue 70% (560 g sugar, 150 g water, 330 g egg whites, 110 g dextrose)
449 g cream

Prepare an Italian meringue by heating the sugar and water to 121°C. Beat the egg whites and the dextrose to 2/3 and add the sugar and water in two times, then leave to cool (the Italian meringue is ready when it has reached at least 40°C). Pour the puree, in three times, onto the Italian meringue, add the semi-whipped cream and place in moulds.

Mango centre

250 g mango puree
175 g 25°BE syrup (1 kg sugar in 1 litre water)
3 g agar-agar
6 g sugar

Add the agar-agar to the 6 g of sugar and dissolve in a small quantity of the mango puree, which has been warmed in a microwave oven. Add to the remaining puree and sugar syrup, then place in half sphere moulds and blast chill to -20°C. Once chilled, the mango insert will be the centre of the semifreddo (biscotto ghiacciato). Serving temperature -14°C.

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Armando Palmieri

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