Refined Extravagance

Nicolas Cloiseau, Master Chef of La Maison du Chocolat, presents a sublime new take on the Christmas tree for the 2016 Holiday Collection.
With his discerning eye for detail and proportion, Cloiseau invites us into his chocolate world where straight, sleek, geometric lines and volumes play on flowing shapes, colors and flavors. Nicolas Cloiseau delivers a statuesque Christmas tree, animated by juxtapositions.



Pushing chocolate to its vertical limits, Cloiseau has crafted a stylized ‘millefeuille’ tree made from twenty-five adjoined slender chocolate branches. One side is an elegant, geometric structure; the other reveals sinuous twists and turns that interplay with light.
The chocolate covertures receive different finishes, from glossed satin to a dusting of cocoa powder, or coating in fine gold leaf. His poetic artistry gives finesse to chocolate; he accentuates volumes, showcases the nuances of cacao crus, and sculpts a fine latticework of 1,036 individual perforations onto the branches.
Adjoining layers of chocolate, gold leaf and light create the ellipses of this miniature Christmas tree. A delight to taste, it is composed of four exceptional cacaos with wide-ranging aromatic structures: Ghana, Grenada, Madagascar and the Dominican Republic.


Nicolas Cloiseau brings the lightness of festivities to traditional holiday delicacies. A playful collection of  ve new creations in which lemon ‘zests’ the ginger, the praliné ‘peppers’ itself with Christmas spices, passion fruit irts with litchi, the desert rose peels off petals of creamy delights, and the pure cru cacao from Grenada unveils its crisp, spicy notes.

box collection

Twenty-four delicious chocolate surprises to count down the days until Christmas!.


Menù Cioccolato

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