Relaunch and eco-sustainability at the heart of Sirha 2021

A program dedicated to relaunch, responsible economy and creativity

The next edition of Sirha (in Lyon from 23 to 27 September) includes a program of master classes and workshops following the new and old consolidated post-Covid trends, aiming at a creative and sustainable relaunch. On 23 September, Sirha Green Agora will host 7 masterclasses concerning the sourcing of local and seasonal products, involving well-known chefs such as Morgane Raimbaud, Cyril Attrazic and Maxime Dubois paired with food producers. On the 25th, three workshop concerning waiting staff jobs in relation to the evolution of the restaurant sector will take place, taking into account the CSR, new service codes and diversification issues. The World Burger Contest on the 24th will instead highlight the origin and quality of products to reduce food waste, while the bakery and pastry workshops will explore themes such as the reuse of unsold products, the lessons of the pandemic crisis, the Boulanger de France certification… The L’Écaille d’Or & Golden Fish competition will focus on take-away food.


Courage and change as sources of inspiration

With the purpose of inspiring professionals and offering stimulating experiences to visitors, this year Sirha will promote creativity and innovation through issues concerning the vegetable world.
At the entrance, the Chefs Revolution(s) exhibition will retrace 100 years of kitchen history through rare objects, documentary photos and dynamic chronology, while the 12 Sirha Innovation Awards will be awarded based on categories such as food products / beverages / ingredients for the restaurant sector, materials / equipment / technologies and services, and eco-responsibility. Sylvestre and Refuge are the two new restaurant concepts examples developed in collaboration with the Institut Paul Bocuse. The European Artistic Sugar Championship will bring together 12 candidates around the theme “Men’s fashion”; the Revelations Contest will reveal the most inspired young architect and designer, while the Pizza with 1,000 cheeses Guinness World Record is meant to enhance the French dairy heritage.


International competitions

Three world-renowned events will be held during the Sirha: the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie, the Bocuse d’Or and the International Catering Cup. As for the competition dedicated to Paul Bocuse, the news Bocuse d’Or Social Commitment Award will be given and the national teams will measure themselves on take-away food and menus.
The members of the Italian nation team are Alessandro Bergamo, former sous chef at Cracco’s restaurant; Francesco Tanese (commis), chef Lorenzo Alessio (coach) and Filippo Crisci (vice coach), assisted by Noel Moglia, Graziano Patanè and Andrea Monastero.


Spotlight on the Coupe du Monde

While waiting for the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie, we take stock of all the news with an interview with Florent Suplisson, director of gastronomic events at Sirha, and the exclusive interview with Pierre Hermé (READ HERE).
At the moment, 20 nations have been confirmed and they will compete on the theme “All art is imitation of nature”, including the Top Countries France, Japan and Italy, and Wild Cards. The competition will last 10 hours and each team will have to make 4 chocolate entremets, 4 frozen desserts, 10 platted desserts, a chocolate and a sugar sculptures. Among the novelties, the elimination of the ice sculpture and of the 12 special prizes. Traditionally offered by our magazine “Pasticceria Internazionale”, the special Press Award won’t be given, even if our magazine remains a special partner of Coupe. Furthermore, a special jury composed by restaurant chef pâtissiers and chef cuisiniers for the first time will value the teams’ restaurant-style plated desserts, the use of food additives won’t be allowed and the focus will be on eliminating waste. A new advisory panel called CIS (Comité de Chefs Internationaux Consultatifs) has been formed and the members will act as observers and consultants.

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