Rosa Pasqua with Hamon





Rosa Pasqua with Hamon

For 4 cakes of 16 cm Ø

milk                                      g    310
sugar                                   g      90
egg yolks                             g      50
eggs                                    g      20
vanilla pods                         n.       1
custard powder                   g      24

Vanilla mousse
custard                               g    500
whipping cream                  g    650
gelatine                              g        6
Make a custard cream with the ingredients listed above and incorporate the gelatine previously soaked in cold water. When the custard is 35°-40°C, fold in the whipped cream.

Lemon madeleine biscuit
eggs                                  g    300
sugar                                 g    220
honey                                g    100
flour                                   g    285
yeast powder                     g      12
salt                                     g        3
lemon zest                         n.       2
butter (melted at 50°C)      g    280
Blanch the eggs slightly with sugar and honey. Add the sifted flour, baking powder, lemon zest, salt and then the melted butter. Let stand for a few hours. Place in a mold of 14 cm Ø. Bake 18 minutes at 180°C.

Strawberry cremeux
strawberry puree               g    300
egg yolks                           g    260

sugar                                 g    150

fresh cream                       g    190

gelatine                             g      10

Heat the cream and strawberry puree, mix together the egg yolks and sugar, pour over the cream and strawberry puree, then cook at 85°C. Off the heat, add the gelatin and pour into 16 cm diameter inserts. Keep in the freezer.

White chocolate praliné
praliné                                g    250
cocoa butter                       g      35
white chocolate                  g      80
pailleté feuilletine               g      90
Mix the praliné with the white chocolate and cocoa butter melted at 45°C. Using a spoon, blend together all the ingredients and the pailleté feuilletine, stirring continuously. Spread the praliné on the biscuit (7 cm) and smooth the surface. Let it crystallize.

Method and assembly

On a disc of madeleine biscuit, spread the white chocolate praliné. Cover with the 2nd madeleine biscuit and place it in the center of a ring. Pour a first layer of vanilla mousse to cover the biscuit. Place the strawberry cremeux, finish with the remaining vanilla mousse and smooth the surface. Place in a freezer. When the dessert is frozen, unmold the cake and glaze with chocolate icing heated at 40°C. Using a chocolate gun, spray it with some pink coloring (50% cocoa butter + 50% white chocolate + pink). Decorate with chocolate eggs.

Emmanuel Hamon
Brest, France




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