Russian Tale for Silikomart Professional

Lemonade and white chocolate bavarois,  sponge cake, Limoncello syrup, red glaze,  half candied strawberries with honey
by Pastry Chef and World Pastry Champion Fabrizio Donatone for Silikomart Professional.
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240 g milk
60 g cream
105 g egg yolks
90 g sugar
200 g white chocolate
60 g lemon pulp
45 g sugar
6 g lemon zest
14 g gelatin sheets
840 g whipped cream
n° 1 vanilla bean

Boil the milk and the cream with the vanilla bean, whip slightly the egg yolks with the sugar, blunt and then cook at 82°C,  lter and add the white chocolate. Cool down at 25°C/77°F and add lemon juice, zest and a part of sugar. Add the rehydrated and squeezed gelatin and then cool down at 22-24°C/71-75°F and add the whipped cream.


480 g eggs
60 g egg yolks
360 g sugar
320 g  our
60 g potato starch
1 grated lemon peel
n° 1 vanilla bourbon bean

Whip the eggs, the yolks and  avoring with the sugar. Aside sift the  ours. When the eggs are ready, stop the blender and insert gently the  our mixing with a spatula. Fill the Torta ex Square mould (180 x 180 h 50 mm) three-quarters full and then bake in the oven at 180°C/356°F for about 20-25 minutes.


150 g sugar
150 g water
50 g limoncello infusion at 70°

Make a syrup with water and sugar, then cool down and add limoncello.


125 g water
250 g glucose
250 g sugar
50 g white chocolate 80 g cocoa butter
16 g gelatin
80 g water for the gelatin
160 g condensed milk
3 g deep red colorant

Boil water, glucose and sugar then pour over the chocolate and the cocoa butter. Mix, add the rehydrated gelatin, then the condensed milk and keep mixing. Add the colorant and blend it very well. Let set for 12-24 hours in the fridge. Recommended temperature of use: 28-30°C/82-86°C.


500 g strawberries cutted into four parts
100 g acacia honey
15 g lemon juice
n° 1 vanilla bean

Heat the honey and add the vanilla. When it boils, add strawberries and cook till the water is evaporated. At the end add the lemon juice and let set for about 12 hours covered with a  lm. Leave in the fridge till employment.


Fill the cavities of the Russian Tale mould three-quarters full with the lemon and white chocolate bavarois. Then put in each cavity the insert made with half candied strawberries with honey. Complete with the sponge cake dunked with the limoncello syrup. Freeze. Once the single portions will be freezed, unmould them and glaze them with the red glaze.

Fabrizio Donatone
Pastry Chef and World Pastry Champion
for Silikomart Professional



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