Sal De Riso is also Gourmet

Salvatore De Riso opens a new restaurant in Minori, on the Amalfi coast



Sal De Riso Gourmet is the new gastronomic brand intimately inspired by the Amalfi Coast, where the small seaside village Minori hosts the new project of the well-known Italian pastry chef, a place with a Mediterranean soul, dressed in blue and white with coral shades. Moreover,  the location is enriched by the works by local artists, such as ‘L’Amore’ by Cinzia Pellin, dedicated to the actress Anna Magnani.
“Seven years after the opening of the Sal De Riso Costa d’Amalfi patisserie and bistrot, Salvatore and I fulfill another great dream”, says Anna De Nunzio, wife of Sal De Riso and his first partner.



In the open-plan kitchen, the chef Giuseppe Cozzolino works with a staff of 12 cooks and pizza makers and their the menu includes raw and cooked dishes based on fish and meat, grilled dishes and the classics of Neapolitan cuisine. The gourmet pizza is signed by Giuseppe Giordano, while De Riso himself develops a selection of desserts in addition to the ones offered at pastry shop offer organized by Daniela Cioffi.
Enzo D’Amato and maître Nicola Ferrigno manage the bar and restaurant waiting service.


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