SCRAEGG boosts bakery sector with super-fast scrambled egg and other snack innovations

Be it fluffy scrambled eggs, warm porridge or a small lunch: at südback in Stuttgart from 21 to 24 October, SCRAEGG will demonstrate how the innovative device uses steam to prepare a wide variety of meals in just a few seconds. This makes SCRAEGG the ideal choice for bakeries and chain stores that want to add a variety of scrambled egg specialities or other warm snacks to their range – without the need for a kitchen or even a pan

SCRAEGG first found fame as the “fastest scrambled egg in the world”. Since then, the SCRAEGG system has become a true all-rounder for the bakery counter: Creamy porridges, soups or lunch cups based on quinoa or mashed potatoes, can be prepared with just the one appliance. This allows bakeries to expand their breakfast and lunch options, while at the same time offering ‘to go‘ customers innovative new snack options. In addition, SCRAEGG will soon launch a dessert range with pudding and hot chocolate fudge.

Due to its compact design, the SCRAEGG unit is ideal even for small counters. The robust unit cooks an array of fast meals fully automatically at the touch of a button. This is ideal during busy periods when many portions have to be prepared quickly, one after the other. What’s more, the operation is so simple that no extensive training is required, and after a short briefing even temporary staff can confidently operate the appliance. Consistently high quality is also guaranteed due to the simple and standardised preparation.
The steam nozzle system (patent pending) is hygienic and easy to clean. And as the preparation of the products does not require the addition of fat, it is odourless and leaves no oil splashes.

SCRAEGG provides the perfect premixes for all meals and snacks. Numerous flavors ensure a variery of scrambled egg options; they are added to the fresh or liquid egg before preparation. The current four flavours were created by a star chef and are made largely from natural ingredients. There is, for example, a savoury variant with bacon, fried onions and parsley, or a classic one with salt, pepper and nutmeg. New porridges are also available in several varieties – apple-cinnamon, berries and chocolate-banana, and lightly sweetened (without granulated sugar).


Sustainable concept

As well as boasting high quality ingredients, SCRAEGG also sets standards in the ‘to go‘ sector thanks to its fully compostable cups and wooden cutlery – all in a matching design – which meet the demands of sustainability-conscious consumers. Florian Hofbauer and Andreas Leonhard founded SCRAEGG in 2018: “Our innovation was enthusiastically received. In everything we do, it is important to us that the overall package is right: high-quality ingredients, a tasty, healthy alternative to fast food, and solid technology with simple handling that relieves the burden on counter staff – be it at the local artisan bakery or in a large chain store.“