Settepani family never ceases to delight the Americans

 In mid-November, Fina and Joseph Settepani, together with their parents Pina and Biagio, opened a 333 m2 bakery on 356 West Main Street in Freehold (New Jersey), with a workshop about half as large

Alongside the historic Staten Island store, there is a new one for the Settepani family, which has contributed so much to the diffusion of Italian confectionary culture in New York and throughout the United States, since 1973.
“Bruno’s is a classic bakery with a traditional setting – says Biagio -, with a long counter and two high tables where you can have a cappuccino, but no seats”. A different formula compared to the large venue on Hylan Blvd, in the heart of Staten Island, which also includes a restaurant and where today Biagio and his wife Pina manage a staff of over 15 employees, including the laboratory, kitchen, and dining room.


The new Bruno’s bakery

“We needed a new shop, my children need autonomy, even from me!”, continues Biagio, who knows a lot about management and production in a family-run-business, where it is important to enhance the talents of each member. Cassate, tiramisu, caprese, babà, sfogliatelle, cannoli, typical code di aragosta, mousses, small cakes, biscuits and cookies… the vast choice of Italian delicacies and products for breakfast immediately earned a big success. “In the first days we sold much more than we expected and this fact gave us great enthusiasm and optimism, which are so precious in this delicate historical juncture – continues Biagio -. Even in the United States, we have problems to find employees, especially waiters and bartenders”.
The new bakery is located along a busy road, close to some schools and hospitals. “It is a location that we carefully researched and studied”, adds the pastry chef. Now Joseph and an employee Cecilia, with some interns, work in the laboratory, while Fina and Daniela take care of customer service, from 7 in the morning to 7 PM, working in two shifts with some collaborators.

Italian craftsmanship in the USA 

This new activity widens the family’s horizon, which is focused on the celebration of Italian quality and innovative craftsmanship. “We want to focus more and more on a careful and limited production in terms of supply, continuing to increase the numbers relating to panettone, one of the most requested products which shows a significant growth trend in the USA”. Bruno’s panettone is a hymn to Italian traditions, which for this Christmas will wear a new packaging to be unveiled shortly.
Meanwhile, social initiatives dedicated to the local community continue, such as the making of a large Sicilian cannolo for the recent NYC marathon and the “more characteristic” gingerbread representation of Dongan Hills, awarded at the Gingerbread NYC exhibition in the city museum.
Because the Settepani family never ceases to delight the palate of Americans!


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