SELMI will take part in SIGEP Rimini not only with usual booth but also with a demonstration and workshop event dedicated to BEAN TO BAR.
CHOCOLABO SELMI  to allow you to see up close and experience first-hand,  the BEAN TO BAR experience,  to understand the whole production process that values the competence and the traditional flair, celebrating the single-origin cocoa and the 0-km production chain or, to be more precise, the hazelnut production chain.
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50 years of history together with our great experience in the world of chocolate, the constant attention to needs and the evolution of the sector are extremely important for SELMI. This is the reason why we have organized this challenging event: to demonstrate that quality, innovation, the courage to change your product in order to follow trends and to meet market demands are actually the only means to differentiate yourself from the competition and to stand out.
We invite you to CHOCOLABO SELMI, in Sigep (Rimini, Italy) on 23-27th January – Hall B3 Stand 120.
The visit will kick off by taking a look at the Maxi Roasters machines (6 Kilos each) which roast the single-origin cocoa beans, transform them step-by-step into melted chocolate to then produce scrumptious 30 gram chocolate bars wrapped up right in front of your very own eyes.
At the same time, you will have the opportunity to enjoy watching all the different stages needed to obtain the handmade hazelnut spread, starting from the Tonda Gentile hazelnut of the Langa area which is roasted and processed on site.
The encounter between handmade chocolate and hazelnut spread is captured in Langhe,  a delicious cat’s tongue biscuit made in a live tasting demonstration.
For the first time in the world, SELMI offers the possibility to experience first-hand the highly informative encounter between the two production chains, both symbols of modern artisanship. A unique opportunity to understand in depth the various stages of the whole process, and being able to taste and appreciate for yourself the final result.
The best way to find inspiration and technical support for your business.
As always, the aim of SELMI is to assist you, offering actual proof that quality with single-origin products is possible, and by using a short production chain, meaning that you have complete control.
All of the above is possible thanks to top quality machines, manufacturing and ingredients.
Our consultant chef, Gabriele Rinaudo, together with all the company staff,  is in charge of organizing this event.
Four information points will also displayed with videos, in-depth material and explanations giving you a 360-degree approach to the culture of quality.




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