Sigep 2013: anticipates trends and multiplies business all over the world

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At Rimini Fiera from 19th to 23rd January with the new A. B. TECH EXPO 
Rimini, 23rd May 2012 ­ It is the sector’s “New Year”, the expo that more than others turns the spotlight on internationality and business.It is the SIGEP International Exhibition of Artisan Gelato, Pastry, Confectionery and Bakery production, the 34th edition of which will be at Rimini Fiera from January 19th to 23rd January 2013.Rimini Fiera Business Unit manager Patrizia Cecchi anticipates, “It is an edition that promises to be held under the banner of excellence. We have launched a multi-channel strategy that will enable us to support companies in previewing trends, allowing them to test their products and then launch them on the market. SIGEP is thus an observatory, a workshop for Italian-made products that is currently one of the three best-known brands in the world. SIGEP will be attended by all the market’s professionals, with an expansion of the foreign front, which will maximize the participation of companies taking part.”At Rimini Fiera, the spotlight will be on unique sectors such as gelato and coffee, as well as the best in confectionery and bakery. The 2013 appointment will be a huge melting pot, an event with a truly international profile, already confirmed by the great success of the last edition (with a 21% increase in foreign visitors), but which is already aiming for important new goals. How? Via the SIGEP around the world project, which from January of this year until the start of the next edition has taken and will take the expo’s team to every corner of the globe, taking part in the sector’s trade fairs, organizing press conferences, visiting opinion leaders, staging presentation road shows, international contests and series of events addressing the general public… and many other initiatives. Where? In Germany, as well as in France, Arab Emirates, Singapore, China, Brazil, Russia, United States, Argentina and Australia. The entire expo will thus have a global vision: trends and innovation will multiply business, thanks also to the great new expo feature: A. B. TECH EXPO, the 3rd International Exhibition of Technologies and Products for Bakery, Pastry and Confectionery acquired by Rimini Fiera, which completes and further strengthens the bakery production chain.

The busy program of great international events confirms the Rimini Fiera expo’s role
as the showcase of the sector’s excellence and innovation. A unique matchless experience
Rimini, 23rd May 2012 ­ Save the date: 19-23 January 2013 ­ Artisan confectionery professionals have already written in their diaries the appointment with the 34th SIGEP International Exhibition of artisan Gelato, Confectionery and Bakery production, which awaits over 122,000 trade members at Rimini Fiera. Alongside the expo section (as always unbeatable), there will be a busy program of world-level events, all based on the confectionery and bakery art, which will enable the sector’s Masters to challenge each other in top level contests. It will be a real “Olympic Games” of flavour, the opportunity for bringing together international styles, favouring knowledge and producing excellence and innovation. SIGEP will therefore once again be a unique matchless experience for master artisans from every continent.
A brief summary follows of the great international events already scheduled.
SIGEP GELATO D’ORO the competition aims at selecting among the best Italian professionals the members of the Italian team that will take part in the Gelato World Cup, to be held at SIGEP in 2014. The heats will regard the categories of gelato maker, pastry chef, ice sculptor and chef.
JUNIOR PASTRY WORLD CUP: young pastry chefs from five continents will compete, in a showcase in which the world’s new pastry art talents will show their skill with the theme “The Circus of the future”.
THE STAR OF SUGAR: an international contest in which sugar artists from all over the world will present their sculptures on the theme “The clown girl”.
GOLDEN BREAD CUP: the five winning nations of the previous editions of the competition (Italy, Germany, Israel, United States and Hungary) will take part with their performances and their traditional recipes, forming a fascinating journey through the tradition of bread all over the world.
Alongside the international initiatives, there will also be key events such as the junior and Senior Italian Pastry Championships, the Italian Chocolate-making Championship, valid for the World Chocolate Master, as well as events highlighting gelato as a healthy product and all the contests for identifying and showcasing trend-setting flavours. There will once again be an event featuring Cake Design, with the formula that will combine a first vote via the Web and the final stage of the exhibition of trend-setting cakes directly at SIGEP.
There will also be events connected with the expo area dedicated to the world of coffee with the Italian Barista Championships valid for the world finals of the WBC (World Barista Championship), WLA (World Latte Art Championship) and WCS (World Coffee in Good Spirits Championship).
A.B. TECH EXPO will feature a program of initiatives under the banner of “Bakery Events”.

SIGEP’s new advertising campaign entrusted to the Gambarini & Muti Agency
Rimini, 23rd May 2012 ­ From woman to man. From sensuality to style. After years of successful restyling, adapting to market evolution, SIGEP’s image has changed completely. In the 2013 campaign, the fascination of a secret agent is combined with that of the master artisan. The secret agent became a legend for two perfectly combined complementary reasons (the charm and seduction of the mysterious man on one hand, and his training and skill in the use of special equipment and cars on the other), which astonished and fascinated, just as the skills and technologies of modern gelato, pastry and bakery professionals attract the more demanding palates and re-launch an increasingly glamorous sector which will animate SIGEP and A. B. Tech Expo, the great confectionery and bakery events scheduled at Rimini Fiera from 19th to 23rd January 2013.
Luigi Gambarini, patron of Rimini’s Gambarini & Muti agency, which created the new image, explains, “Apart from the obvious differences, on closer consideration, the characteristics of the personality launched by numerous films have several points in common with the charm of the masters of flavour, who are able to delight with their art and advanced equipment. While in film iconography the star’s equipment ranges from sophisticated weapons to futuristic high-tech cars, at the Rimini expo, master craftsmen’s goes from a traditional spatula to innovative machinery that give the products further value. The search for taste and style is increasingly part of our life and it is also thanks to the secrets and talent of these skilful craftsmen that we can experience moments of enjoyable sweetness.”
So, in the campaign’s visuals, five confident attractive men appear, representing the five product categories that are the most characteristic of the expo: Gelato, Chocolate, Pastry, Coffee and Bakery.
The various ad headlines are based on the titles of well-known films of this type.

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