Sigep Exp, Vision Plaza maps the changes in the out-of-home sector

Over 20 world-level talks to move ahead to post-pandemic times. The most dynamic global cases, UK and North American export opportunities. Continual research for excellence in Italian products, new consumer habits, sustainability as a competitive factor.   The programme drawn up by IEG in collaboration with analysts and editorial partners to be streamed from 15th to 17th March on Italian Exhibition Group’s digital platform

Out-of-home is changing and “Vision Plaza” at Sigep Exp is its map. To find the way around digital sales, new consumer habits, environmental sustainability and foreign market opportunities for the out-of-home industry, Sigep Exp is the event to attend. A totally digital edition from 15th to 17th March of Italian Exhibition Group’s show specifically for artisan gelato, pastry, bakery and coffee. A schedule of over 20 talks with an international flair and domestic market analysis regarding the four supply chains that Sigep has been trailblazing for 42 editions.  Intended for professional operators, “Vision Plaza” is Sigep’s project-oriented sitting room which, this year, will be transmitted in direct streaming from the purpose-built studio at the Palacongressi conference hall in Rimini. The aim? To play in advance on a global scale.
On Monday, 15th March, after the institutional greetings, the “Vision Plaza” 2021 programme will open with the first talk on “Out-of-home living and consuming, tomorrow’s challenges” with the voices of Simona Tondelli from the Department of Architecture at Bologna University’s School of Engineering and Architecture, Matteo Figura, Director of NPD Group Italia, Francesco Bruschi, Strategy director at FutureBrand and introduced by Corrado Peraboni, CEO of IEG.
Digital is the new ingredient of the global out-of-home industry. NPD Group, a company leader in out-of-home market analysis, will be bringing Jochen Pinsker, Senior Vice President Foodservice Europe to “Vision Plaza” to present post-Covid growth forecasts in Europe in 2021, while Sanjev Kangatharan, Director of Foodservice Australia, will be illustrating forecasts for the Asian markets; lastly, David Portalatin, Senior Vice President, Food Industry Advisor, will provide an analysis of prospects in the USA. A talk by Matteo Figura, Director Foodservice Italy NPD Group, will offer a contrast and, with Paolo Cibien from GS1 Italy and Virgilio Maretto, CEO and Co-founder of Posti, also outline digitalization opportunities for the out-of-home supply chain. Digital and out-of-home is a theme that will be dealt with, in paradox with contact without contact, by Valeria Martucci and Andrea Dell’Orco, respectively digital strategist and general manager at Welcome Digital, while Dolcesalato will intervene on how digital strengthens the pastry business segment. Since digital is not just a product showcase but also a commercial exchange, ITA Italian Trade Agency, which promotes Italian companies abroad and their internationalization, will be plotting the dessert export map after Brexit with Gabriella Migliore, Help Desk Brexit Director at its London office.
For the artisan gelato world, Franco Puglisi, CEO at Editrade, will be speaking for Punto IT, together with Massimiliano Scotti and Stefano Giordani, on changes in consumer sales in the absence of aromas and flavours that digital channels impose. Sistema Gelato, leader in funding solutions and in researching strategic supply chain partners, will be offering a possible strategy suitable for Italian ice-cream parlours around the world to trigger a virtuous “chain reaction” to straddle the recovery. Lastly, ITA Chicago will explore the artisan gelato sector’s opportunities in the USA.
As for the bakery supply chain, Livia Chiriotti, editor of our magazine Pasticceria Internazionale, will be interviewing Master Giuseppe Amato, Alessandro Dalmasso, Leonardo Di Carlo and Giambattista Montanari on the macro and micro trends in pastry guided by the key word “culture”, followed by a dialogue with Fabrizio Fiorani, Asia’s Best Pastry chef 2019, about contemporary Italian pastry-making amid avant-garde, art and technique. The Italian Gourmet talk, conducted by editor Francesco Briglia, will deal with new challenges and opportunities in Italian pastry with guests Master Iginio Massari from the Accademia Maestri Pasticceri Italiani and Carlo Meo, CEO of Marketing&Trade.
Food sustainability will be the focus of the European “Farm to Fork” strategy and the bakery supply chain during interventions from ITALMOPA – the Industrial Association of Italian Millers, which will be hosting Ivano Vacondio, President of Federalimentare, Michele Zerbini, senior purchase manager at Barilla G. & R. Fratelli – Wheat & Flours Italy & Galliate Mill and Marco Benedetti, for Agugiaro & Figna Molini, director of research at CINSA (Consorzio Interuniversitario Nazionale per le Scienze Ambientali – Italian Inter-university Consortium for Environmental Sciences). ASSITOLwill be exploring bread’s second youth among Italian consumers with Giovanni Bizzarri and Palmino Poli, President and Vice President of AIBI respectively.
Sustainability will also be the centre of talks organized by Pollenzo University of Gastronomic Sciences with interventions from Erika Sestion how tradition and territory have now also found a home in industrial production, and Carol Povigna and Nahuel Buracco from Pollenzo Food Lab, speaking on inter-collaborations between supply chains for reducing waste. Dolcegiornale will also be dealing with food waste reduction with a focus on company profitability. The journalist, Ernesto Brambilla will be moderating with interventions from Master Roberto Rinaldini, Luca Cantarin and Giovanni Giberti.  
Lastly, on behalf of the coffee supply chain, Bargiornale will be dealing with the basic post-Covid question linked to coffee consumption in the home: how can bars invert the trend after the growth in consumers’ attention to the product and processing and preparation procedures during the lockdown and red zones? Getting the consumer back to the bar is therefore a question of coffee beans. The talk will be moderated by journalist Andrea Mongilardi with interventions from Nadia Rossi, Andrea Matarangolo, Education manager at SCA Italy, Chiara Bergonzi, trainer at SCA, Samantha Giubertoni, founder and owner of B.Officina in Carpi and Dario Fociani, barman and winner of the Caffetteria dell’Anno at the BarAwards 2020.
SCA-Specialty Coffee Association Italy will be intervening for the specialty segment with a talk centred on new challenges, habits and opportunities for specialty coffee.

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