Silikomart’s “living” is a new concept of productive showroom strongly desired by the businessman Dario Martellato who, through his pioneering view, has been pushing himself further during his 20-year long carrier producing silicone moulds and plastic tools 100% Made in Italy. The production area and this new conceived space are situated in the province of Venice and address both to professionals and amateurs (Ho.Re.Ca, patisserie, ice-cream making).
Passion for food and pastry, design, research and development of the productive process and trends are main factors for the company development. It’s a new journey… en route to the taste.
The name hangar78 derives from the building number and metaphorically refers to an hangar: a place where aircrafts (that is to say own culinary knowledge) from all over the world come, pause,
change and leave again improved by a revolutionary experience and a unique sharing experience.

Strong passion for taste and tastefulness, total commitment on producing high quality products represent a further motivation in the creation of a new space where receiving all partners and offering an exclusive service to all companies that have been working in the food sector for ages. The “mission” is to make hangar78 become the new hub for the North-East.
A very well-equipped space at the forefront of technology where training courses for professionals and amateurs will take place. A classroom for practicing with 16 independent workspaces and a second classroom for 20 people, a new showroom to try and experience all products of the up to date Silikomart’s wide set, a relaxing place where giving yourself a break and two one brand
stores, one dedicated to B2C and one to B2B.
A simple and harmonious space with a plain but well-refined design. Pallets, used as furnishings (and used in the productive area of the company too), give a warmer atmosphere to the space and symbolize the will to approach the core business and the guest with each other.

A rich course calendar to answer to current market demands will be presented both for professionals and amateurs. It will also be possible for chefs and pastry chefs to organise events to share their technical expertise, helped by our staff.
High quality supplied equipments, excellent raw materials and enthusiastic sponsors are main subjects of this new project.
This “mixed-use building” will offer an innovative interpretation of “meeting”: the perfect place for business and private events. Silikomart, the leading company in food silicone moulds production, aims very high: becoming a new hub service open to the needs of companies. Expensive business trips faced by many local companies looking for an adequate and equipped structure will be exceeded thanks to this new shooting area absolutely well-equipped where also video, photo and audio reproduction will not represent a problem anymore.
Lastly, not for importance, the one brand store divided into two different areas with different timetables. In this way Silikomart guarantees the complete availability of its products and when the
 ooking school classroom will be available, there will be the possibility to test products in loco.




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