Sirha presents the culinary trends for 2017 and the ‘resto-concepts’ of tomorrow
2125 January 2017
Lyon, France

French consumers have always had a passion for gastronomy and are always keen to test new concepts of restaurants or the new methods of delivering food that spring up every day. Not to mention the products and producers who surf on the “locavore” and “health” waves: novelty and quality are always popular and appreciated whether at the restaurant, bakeries or local butchery shops. But where do the chefs and food service professionals find their ideas to constantly renew their offering to satisfy their increasingly demanding clients? At Sirha, Lyon! The moment when Sirha opens its doors. This exceptional show features a concentrate of all the innovations that announce the Catering and Food Service of the Future.

For this new edition, in January next year Sirha 2017 will present in Lyon:
• unique concepts of restaurants and laboratories for culinary creation
• The keys to understanding the trends and the future of catering and food service
• Hundreds of innovations for all types of catering, from fast food to school catering, from bakeries to haute gastronomy
• Exceptional international contests that bring together the very best chefs in the world
At the crossroad of passion and trends, Sirha is a show boasting unmatched diversity that makes it the worldwide reference for the catering, hospitality and food service sectors.



Sixième Sens Scènes de Table is a space that features 4 entirely new concepts of restaurants designed and implemented for Sirha by Loeb Innovation and students from Institut Paul Bocuse. Illustrating the latest novelties in tableware and decoration, inspired by the trends imagined for the years to come, these life-size ‘resto-concepts’ whisk the visitor into the Future.
Food Studio, a laboratory for culinary experimentation and innovation presents new creations imagined exclusively for the show. Finger Food and revolutionary Haute cuisine are on the menu.
Food Studio also features FOOD PRINT – an off the wall exhibition – where food, words and designs play with senses thanks to the imagination of a tattoo artist, a culinary designer, a pastry chef and other daring creators.


Restaurant owners and managers are faced with difficult market conditions as well as increasingly demanding and fickle clients. This is true for school canteens, company restaurants and brasserie-restaurants. However, new technologies introduce many new opportunities and the boom of Food Tech illustrates this perfectly. Sirha brings professionals in the food service sector all the innovative solutions and new concepts they need to boost their business and enable them to work faster and better.
At Sirha 2017 a start-up corner will be dedicated to Food Tech companies that offer new opportunities to restaurateurs: Bovimarket, Optimiam, Take away, Innovorder, Uber eats, Rapidresto, Table on line, Menudujour…
The show also places the emphasis on innovations that aim to protect our planet and our health: more than 500 exhibitors will present organic, gluten-free products etc., kitchen and restaurant equipment that is more respectful of the environment, optimizing energy use, software assisted, as well as intelligent apps.


A show like no other that will not leave the visitors unchanged: this is Sirha, a show that is capable of amazing each and every one of tis visitors thanks to 1,600 demonstrations staged each day and 19 contests that contribute to the vibrant atmosphere of the event. Savoir-faire, technique, creativity and excellence are at the heart of the show.
And especially at the Espace des Chefs, that is host to the most prestigious international gastronomy and pastry contests in the world: the Bocuse d’Or and Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie. The worlds’ rallying point for professionals in the hospitality and food service sectors is packed with unexpected discoveries and unforgettable moments.


The Bocuse d’Or, the most prestigious gastronomy contest in the world created by Paul Bocuse, will be celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2017. 24 of the most promising chefs on the planet will compete in a dazzling show to win the holy grail of gastronomy surrounded by a truly amazing atmosphere reminiscent of an Olympic stadium.
The Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie, created by PGabriel Paillasson will welcome 22 teams from all over the world – composed of a chocolate maker, a pastry chef and an ice-cream specialist. Their challenge? Prepare within 10 hours: desserts, sweet creations and artistic pieces.
Sirha also hosts 17 other contests for all trades (mass catering chefs, caterers, butchers…), including the new Maîtres d’Hôtel trophy or Global Young Chefs challenge that introduces a “Junior World Cup” for chefs.




To anticipate clients’ future expectations Sirha 2017 decrypts – with Loeb Innovation – the main generational stakes of tomorrow. Four separate categories of clients emerge from this review:
– Generation Z (6-20 year olds) who appreciate tailored offerings and restaurants with more universal propositions,
– Generation Y (21-35 year olds): shaped by culinary reality TV shows they want to know everything and expect total transparency,
– Generation X (36-55 year olds) are looking for a combination of audacity and safety: reassuring dishes but with a touch or originality,
– Generation W (56-75 year olds) expect more full service than a revolution in their plates.
These differences represent as business opportunities for food service professionals who can endeavour to satisfy the expectations by reinventing their offering based on 5 orientations:
1. hybrid catering formats that combine the office with the café, service sur place and take-away, drones and scooters,
2. ecological offerings that promote urban vegetable gardens, solidary economy, responsible cooking,
3. kitchens where ‘I’m the chef’ transforming clients into ‘actors-creators’ of their own meals, waiters into coaches and chefs into consultants,
4. restaurants that offer their guests wellbeing thanks to detox menus, balanced dishes, food monitoring for more limpidity and natural,
5. transcended geographic boundaries thanks to new technologies and globalisation, so that you may eat in Peru while staying in Paris.

More than 730 new products and services featured at the show offer a glimpse at what consumers will find in their plates tomorrow, at the restaurant or canteen. They can be structured into 3 main categories:
• Pleasure: stages improbable product associations, exceptional ingredients or manufactured products, fun and transgressive formats that transcend flavours and the pleasure of tasting.
• Wellbeing: a booming trend celebrating ‘all things green’ (naturel, bio, local…) and health, with gluten-free, lactose-free products, etc. in particular.
• Practicality: economic, efficiency, time and space saving driving innovation to make life easier for chefs and optimize the use of resources. Table decoration and equipment also seek to enhance the clients’ experience.

As an echo to Sirha, Lyon adorns the colours of gastronomy for the benefit of its longstanding inhabitants and that of its visitors. Held over a period of 5 days, the Biennale Internationale du Goût (BiG) is an invitation to come and share and enjoy generosity and conviviality. Many events and animations accessible to all are staged throughout the city. A very BiG table with 3,400 cover, the tunnel of taste (inside an actual tunnel) and the producers market as well as a culinary fashion show will be part of the programme. BiG: 5 days packed with culinary events!


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