Free choice petits gateaux
Recipe by
Fabrizio Galla, Roberto Rinaldini, Rossano Vinciarelli

Chocolate sponge cake
fresh butter    g    110
pasteurized yolks    g    110
fresh egg whites    g    200
white cane sugar    g    110
flour    g    75
fresh cream 35% butterfat    g    35
66% chocolate    g    230
Whip the egg whites with the sugar at 18°C and put the yolks in slowly.
Melt the butter with the chocolate and combine it by hand with the whipped mixture, then add the sifted flour. Spread 3-mm-thick sheets, cook in ventilated oven at 180°C for 8 minutes.

Espresso and bourbon vanilla bavarian
espresso coffee    g    30
mascarpone cheese    g    125
pasteurized yolks    g    100
white cane sugar    g    80
water    g    20
gelatine sheets 125 bloom     g    6
bourbon vanilla pod    n.    ½
Cook sugar and water together at 121°C, pour it over the whipped yolks and, on a side, whip the cream with vanilla and mascarpone. Soak the gelatine in cold water, melt it and pour it in the whipped yolks. Prepare the espresso coffee and combine with the dough, then blend the two mixtures.

 Igp Piedmont hazelnut cremeux
fresh whole milk    g    150
fresh cream 35% butterfat    g    150
white cane sugar    g    75
pasteurized yolks    g    90
Igp Piedmont hazelnut paste    g    120
gelatine sheets 125 bloom     g    4,5
Prepare a custard and cook at 82°C, cool it at 35°C and combine the gelatine sheets with the hazelnut paste.

Bourbon vanilla custard
fresh whole milk    g    80
fresh cream 35% butterfat    g    80
white cane sugar    g    20
pasteurized egg yolks    g    20
Cook all the ingredients at 82°C and cool them in a blast chiller to 35°C.

Bourbon vanilla light cream
custard    g    200
gelatine sheets bloom 125    g    4
fresh cream 35% butterfat    g    200
Whip the cream, add the melted gelatine with the custard and combine the mixture with the whipped cream. Pour it in a silicon mould.

 Amalfi lemon-perfumed chocolate mousse
fresh whole milk    g    100
35% milk chocolate    g    280
66% chocolate    g    70
fresh cream 35% butterfat    g    200
gelatine sheets 125 bloom    n.    6
Amalfi lemon rind    n.    1
Heat the milk to 65°C, combine the gelatine and emulsify with the half melted chocolate. Add the finely-grated lemon rind, and at the end lighten with whipped cream.

70% chocolate sheets
Temper the chocolate at 28°C, spread on an acetate sheet and print some small discs. 

Caramel, Tahiti vanilla, lemon and gianduia glaze
fresh cream 35% butterfat    g    300
white cane sugar    g    260
glucose 43 de    g    205
gelatine sheets 125 bloom    g    10
Amalfi lemon rinds    n.    3
Tahiti vanilla    n.    1,5
35% milk chocolate     g    95
cocoa powder    g    9
Igp Piedmont hazelnut paste    g    60
Dry-caramelize the sugar; heat cream, cocoa, glucose, vanilla and grated lemon rinds. Slowly pour the liquid mixture over the caramel and bring to boil for a few minutes. Combine the gelatine and emulsify the couverture and the Piedmont hazelnut paste with the blender.


First of all prepare the inner part with the vanilla bavarian and the hazelnut creamy and quickly chill. Then prepare the milk and dark chocolate mousse which will be placed in the inner bottom part of the dessert. Using a 2.5 cm-diameter ring place the chocolate sponge cake on the bottom and alternate the chocolate mousse with some dark chocolate discs; then chill. Finish the dessert with the coffee bavarian, pour in the mould, stick in the inside and, finally, the bottom; chill to -25°C. Then melt the caramel and gianduia glaze at 35°C and cover the dessert with the help of a piston strainer.


Fabrizio Galla, Roberto Rinaldini, Rossano Vinciarelli
Team Italy, Nashville WPTC 2008 
Foto Giancarlo Bononi


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