The combined machine by Staff Ice System


SmartMix is one of the latest machines designed by Staff Ice System, the Rimini-based company specialized in refrigeration equipment since 1959.
It is equipped with two separate and independent tanks that can work together: the upper one is a full-fledged Pastocrema for the making of custards, creams, pâte à choux, ganache, jams, jellies, bechamel and sauces (the temperature is adjustable up to 115°C), while the lower one is a horizontal batch freezer controlling gelato density with a large outlet for extraction. The machine offers more than 50 customizable programs, also the height of the machine can be adjusted to any user. Last but not least, the perfect integration between the basic electronics and the inverter allows to control the agitator speed, the right gelato density and make any recipe as if it were made by hand. Its low electricity consumption results in an immediate 30% saving in the making of concentrated mixtures.

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