Smoked konatsu cheese mousse and toasted panko
By Janice Wong, pastry chef in Singapore




50 gm Egg Yolk
80 gm Caster Sugar
30 gm Water
250 gm Cream Cheese
75 gm Cream
20 ml Konatsu Juice
3 sheets Gelatine
200 gm Cream (Whipped)

In a mixer, whisk yolks until “Ribbon Stage”. Boil sugar and water till 119ºC, stream into whisked yolks to form a “Pate Bomb”. In a mixer, beat cream cheese until smooth. Boil cream to dissolve gelatine sheets and pour into cream cheese mixture. Fold “Pate Bomb” and konatsu juice into cream cheese mixture followed by whipped cream.
Smoke mixture with a smoking gun. Set in desiredmould and freeze to take shape. Remove from mould.


150 gm Japanese Panko
50 gm Butter
1.5 gm Konatsu Powder

Toast panko with butter until crispy golden brown. Add in Konatsu powder. Lightly defrost the outer layer of Smoked Cheese. Mousse and coat with toasted panko.
Keep refrigerated in air-tight container.

Janice Wong
pastry chef, Singapore
In “A Taste of Kochi Citrus” by Janice Wong
Photo Janice Wong


About konatsu

The official name of Konatsu is “Hyuga Natsu”, howeverit is known by various other names including “NewSummer Orange”. Its harvest season is from April to May. Konatsu is a bright yellow citrusfruit known for its balance of sourness and sweetness, as well as its fragrance. Unlike other citrus fruits, you leave the white pith that surrounds the flesh, removing only the thin outer peel before eating. The pith is not bitter, but sweet with a fluffy texture that is eaten together with the fruit. Konatsu is packed with vitamin C and beta-carotene, vitamin B1 and vitamin B2. By eating the pith and thefruit together you can maximize the amount of healthy nutrients you consume.

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