Snow skin mooncakes by Janice Wong

“This year at Janice Wong Singapore, we’re celebrating the  mid-autumn festival in true Japanese style”, said Janice Wong.
More than just colors and textures, the pastry chef is very excited to showcase pure Japanese flavored mooncakes featuring 9 unique and different prefectures.

Janice Wong presents the limited edition Mooncake Box Set (S$65) of 9 specially curated snow-skin mooncakes, inspired by various Japanese ingredients representing its respective prefectures. Having carried out research and development processes since the early part of the year, Janice has travelled to the prefectures to source out only the highest-quality and most distinctive ingredients to create her unique take on the traditional Chinese festival snack.
Featuring one-of-a-kind flavours such as Kinako (roasted soy flour) from Hokkaido, Ume (Asian plum) from Wakayama, Hojicha (roasted Japanese green tea) from Kyoto and Chestnut from Kumamoto, each mooncake embodies the signature flavour profiles of each prefecture in Japan.

Janice Wong’s affinity with Japan has been a long-standing relationship since early childhood years. It was the quality of the ingredients in Japan that has always been the biggest draw to the country. It only comes naturally, that this year’s Janice Wong mooncakes would showcase the quality and craftsmanship that she has experienced in one of her most loved countries.

TheMooncake Box Set will be available for pre-order online at from1 July 2019.

9 Prefectures / 9 Flavors of mooncakes in each box set
*Yuzu from Kochi
*Hojicha from Kyoto
*Peanut from Chiba
*Azuki from Mie
*Matcha from Shizuoka
*Sweet Potato from Tokushima
*Chestnut from Kumamoto
*Kinako from Hokkaido
*Ume from Wakayama


janice wong mooncakes 2019


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