Spain wins the Final of the International Catering Cup


Catering Cup


Organized by the Confédération Nationale des Charcutiers-Traiteurs et Traiteurs (CNCT – FrenchNational Caterer Federation),the International Catering Cup 2013 (ICC) Final – internationalcontest for the best caterer – showed an exceptional young talent on January 26th at the Sirha in Lyon. All professional caterers, 22 candidates from 11 different nationalities faced each other after 20 hours of practical tests
,to an audience of fans and a panel of experienced skilledprofessionals!The final of this third edition of the ICC was in full swing when the jury rendered its verdict: SPAIN, Alain GUIARD CALLEJA and Oscar ESCANCIANO won the Gold Trophy and the title of “Best International Catering Cup Caterer” and a 6,000
€ cash prize!

A bold interpretation and a perfect command of their art have attracted a demanding jury ofprofessionals, chaired this year by Christophe TOURNEUX accompanied by Frédéric ANTON,Honorary President.
1 – GOLD TROPHY:Alain GUIARD CALLEJA (team leader) and Oscar ESCANCIANO (teammate) representing SPAIN won the title of “Best International Catering Cup Caterer” and a 6.000€ cash prize.
2 – SILVER TROPHY: Gilles GRASTEAU (team leader) and Sebastien REIN (teammate)representing FRANCE won a
3 000 € cash prize.
3 – BRONZE TROPHY: Jean-Michel BARDET (team leader) and Damien GRANDCLAUDE(teammate) representing
LUXEMBOURG won a 1 500€ cash prize.
“They dared to excellence! “Joël Mauvigney – President of the CNCT and President-Founder of the ICC – was delighted”. All young professionals, amongst the best in the worldwere able to surprise us, shake our habits and meet the expectations of a attentive audience anda demanding jury by interpreting the lecture topic that was imposed on them, he says.Presentations were bold and yet perfectly controlled. Today I am extremely proud of the creativityof the young guard, reflecting the pool of talent in our profession. And I thank all candidates andtheir teams for their involvement as well as our partners.”
The 11 selected countries (team leader and teammate)
1 – Belgium – Stéphane GRULOIS and Nicolas BOURDEAUD’HUI
2 – Brasil – Alex MEI PIRESand Guilherme BOVINO GERARD
3 – Ivory Coast – Kadjo EBY and Kouakou KANGA
4 – Spain – Alain GUIARD CALLEJA and Oscar ESCANCIANO
5 – France – Gilles GRASTEAU andSébastien REIN
6 – Italy – Gaetano RAGUNI’ and Giovanni LORUSSO
7 – Luxemburg – Jean-Michel BARDET and Damien GRANDCLAUDE
8 – Mexico – Alejandro FUENTES and ArturoREYES MARTINEZ
9 – Czech Republic – Jan HORKY and Radek DAVID
10 – Romania – IonTOMA and Gabriela PASCARU
11 – Ukraine – Igor Goliak and Oleksiy TROITSKYI
ICC 2013 Contest Theme
An imposed figure on the theme of Italy: a cold buffet for 8, composed of 5 dishes to achieve(Amuse-Bouche; Cold Starter; Hot Fish Dish; Hot Dish; Le Dessert) on imposed criteria.

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