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The Dream line of gelato display cases by ItalProget

The Dream line of gelato display cases by ItalProget was conceived for the lovers of design neatness. The display window is autonomously supported, without any structural iron element, eliminating every obstacle between the user and the product, and giving a lighter and unique aspect at first glance.
The Moon line was designed for the admirers of tradition. The frontal curved window recalls classic lines and of the traditional outline of display case windows, with the latest structural features. To give maximum visibility to the product and avoid any alteration, due to the frontal glass curving, it was designed with a very wide radius that not only grants the maximum visibility, but also gives a unique aesthetic quality. It’s almost spherical and it reminds the shape of the moon after which it was named.
The wide front opening offers the maximum access for cleaning or loading and unloading of the product, also from the outside, in both lines. Each one is equipped with ventilated refrigeration with single air-flow and the reversed cycle fast defrosting (90 seconds) of vaporizers. On demand it is possible to have a further function to vary the temperature from negative to positive. The thermic display window is electrically powered.




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