Pierpaolo Magni, coach of gelato world champions, will hold a special seminar on 27-28 September using exclusive recipes from his latest book Reverse Fusion.

Technical  expertise,  esthetics,  and  taste  are  interwoven in the  ew and exclusive creations of Pierpaolo Magni, European  pastry champion and coach of the gelato world champions, who will be the guest of Carpigiani Gelato Pastry University in Tokyo on 27-28 September (www.gelatopastryuniversity.com) for a special seminar open to Asian pastry and gelato  artisans,  organized in  partnership  with  CAST  Alimenti.  It  is  also  an  opportunity  to celebrate the inauguration of the new Carpigiani Japan headquarters.
The  exclusive  recipes  offered  during  the  lesson  –  on  27  September  in  Japanese  and  on  28 September in English – were developed specifically for the event based on original recipes in his latest  book Reverse  Fusion.
The  seminar  will  be  introduced  by Alessandro  Racca,  the  youngest  gelato  Gold  Medalist  in 1985  and  director  of  the  Gelato  Pastry  University  in  Tokyo,  representing  a  unique opportunity to learn the secrets of gelato pastry under the guidance of two masters recognized at an  international  level,  focusing  on  the  topics  of  technique  combined  with  presentation  for  a delicious  and  surprising  result.  To  participate  in  the  seminar,  download  the  registration  form
from: http://gelatopastryuniversity.com

Sponsors of the project are: IFI, Irinox, Molino Quaglia, and Silikomart Professional, Domori, Agrimontana.
Support: Italian Embassy in Japan, Italian Trade Agency, All Japan Confectionery Association, Federation of Japan Confectionery Associations, Club Coupe du Monde de Patisserie – Italia



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