Recipe by
pastry chef Leonardo Di Carlo
From the book “Tradition in Evolution” (Chiriotti Editori)
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(ph. Giancarlo Bononi)


Almond and pistachio crunch

    butter    g    200
    cane sugar    g    200
    flour    g    200
    almond flour    g    100
    pistachio powder    g    100
Knead together all the ingredients listed. When the mixture is even, place it in the refrigerator for at least 60 minutes. Sift the paste to a thickness of 4 mm, or use a crystallizing grate in order to obtain even grains. Preserve in the freezer until ready for cooking.
Cover the Silpat and bake at 150° – 160°C, valve open, until brown. Store in an airtight container.


Apricot and vanilla compote

    water    g    100
    sugar    g    250
    cubed apricots    g    550
    vanilla bean    no.    1

Cook the sugar to 140°C in water, add the apricot and vanilla, mix delicately and cook for about 15 minutes. Store in a glass jar.



    fresh milk    liter    1
    fresh cream 35%
    butterfat    g    250
    vanilla pod    no.    1
    grated lemon rind    no.    1
    refined sugar    g    240
    egg yolks    g    300
    corn starch    g    95
    salt    g    2

Cook the milk, cream, vanilla pod, lemon rind, and half the sugar; in the meantime make a batter with the corn starch, sugar, salt and egg yolks, mixing until obtaining a smooth mixture. When the milk reaches boiling point mix in the batter and cook. Pour into a pie-dish with baking paper, cover and blast chill.


Light lemon cream

    finely grated lemon rind    g    6
    refined sugar    g    20
    gelatine    g    3
    lemon juice    g    35
    custard    g    500
    whipped cream    g    250

Finely chop the lemon peel with the sugar, or place in the blender or cutter, melt the softened gelatine in the lemon juice, add the lemon rind and pour onto the custard, then fold in the whipped cream.



Fill 1/3 of the glass with almond and pistachio crunch, then arrange the apricot mixture. Finish with the light lemon cream and decorate with fresh fruit.

The almond and pistachio crunch can be used on an oven-baked jam tart to add crunchiness, on a plated dessert, as a base for a gelato or sorbet, and as a crumble over fruit in a bowl. The lemon cream is excellent for making mignon tartlets or jam tarts, placing the mixture of vanilla flavoured apricots on the base.

Leonardo Di Carlo


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