Sweet creations in Fauchon Christmas Menu

This year, Fauchon celebrates 130 years of unrivalled savoir-faire in the service of demanding gourmets. On this occasion, Fauchon created a new collection imbued with an elegant art deco atmosphere. Cylinders, cubes and spheres combine with stripes and chevrons in bright and luxurious materials inspiring refinement.
Here the sweets in Menu.

Christmas Log Cake
The 130th anniversary log cake
(photo above)

“For this creation celebrating Fauchon’s 130th anniversary, I wanted to use dark chocolate and to play with height and volumes – Patrick Pailler, Chef Pâtissier –. This dessert subtly combines apples, Christmas spices and sudachi. Sudachi is a small Japanese citrus similar to lime and yuzu that I rediscovered during my last trip to Japan”.
In this harmonious composition, apples take, with elegance and creativity, the place once occupied by fruit and pine cones on the tree. These shiny and tasty apples will tempt all gourmets. Placed on a lime and cinnamon crumble base, they reveal all the splendour of the fruit. In their heart, the apples unveil a succession of colours and textures carefully orchestrated. A candied apple millefeuille combines perfectly with a fresh white cheese mousse, a sudachi (small Japonese citrus) cremeux and a tangy cremeux. A Genova bread with Christmas spices makes the perfect balance for this incredibly gourmet creation. An unexpected recipe for a fresh and delicately tangy end of meal.

9 minigougeres box

Fauchon recreates the traditional gougeres with a box containing 9 tasty and colourful small puffs. Three different flavours are hidden in the heart of the gougeres to offer the gourmets an explosion of flavours in the mouth. Each gougere is stuffed with comté cheese béchamel. Flavours include black truffle Tuber melanosporum with a black crunchy topping; atlantic crabmeat, lobster bisque and tarragon with a red crunchy topping; smoked salmon and basil under a golden crunchy topping. Served hot, these minigougeres will make your cocktail party a colourful and festive event.

minigougeres box

Box of 3 mini-log cakes

This year, Fauchon traditional yule logs are available in miniature size and presented in two original boxes offering a delicious selection. Carrémenchoc, vanilla and red berries, milk-chocolate and passion fruit or even chestnut and pear, whatever your favorite flavour is, these two assortments will delight all gourmets’ palates.
Carremenchoc consists of a crispy dark chocolate base topped with an airy 64% cocoa dark chocolate mousse gently inserted between fluffy 70% cocoa dark chocolate cookies. The whole piece is highlighted by a dark chocolate cremeux delicately coating the cake.
Chestnut – pear consists of a fluffy chestnut cookie with a smooth chestnut cremeux and a hint of whiskey perfectly matching the flavour of the poached pear pieces prepared with vanilla and chestnut bits.
In Milk chocolate – passion fruit the crispy 70% cocoa dark chocolate biscuit hides an airy milk-chocolate and caramel mousse, a delicious Tahiti vanilla cremeux and a sour passion fruit jam.
In vanilla – red berries a smooth Tahiti vanilla ganache brings a roundness and voluptuous sensation. On its side, the red-berry bed (fresh raspberries, blueberries and blackberries) gives freshness and sour notes to that cake that also hides a strawberry and raspberry compote.

mini log cakes

Christmas Macaron

Fauchon revisited its Christmas macarons in three recipes inspired by fruity confectionery. These three macarons contains a chocolate ganache surrounding a generous heart of candied fruit.
Orangette macaron combines the freshness and delicacy of candied orange to the strenght of Samana black chocolate. In Citronette macaron the thin slices of candied lemon give the macaron its sour note that fits perfectly with a creamy milk chocolate. Gingembrette macaron melts into a sweet and delicious milk chocolate that revives the strength of the plant.

christmas macaron



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