The 2021 Fall/Winter Pastry Collection

With the aim of helping pastry chefs, Silikomart Professional presents a varied mould range, which was developed with a focus on improving efficiency and production times


Chantilly120 mould was conceived in collaboration with the World Pastry Cup champion Jérôme de Oliveira. It recalls the image of a soft cloud and it is fit for mousses and semifreddos. Thanks to this new mould, pastry chefs can optimise production times instead of working freehand: 6 portions are made in a single step, they can be stored and are always ready for showcase display.
The creative pastry chef Yann Couvreur presents Stripe Éclair95 moulds, which are excellent for the making of semifreddo single portions and also suitable for baking, while the brand new and unique design concept of Vela100 mould is expressed by its aerodynamic shape, which draws the attention also to the surrounding single portions in a shop window.
Donuts Gourmand80 is signed by the young MOF Chocolatier-Confiseur Paul Occhipinti: it is a 3D mould with a rounded shape at the base, which makes it possible to obtain perfect, irresistible donuts, in semifreddo and baked versions.
MOF and World Pastry Champion Angelo Musa presents Sleek Log800 for linear cylindrical yule logs with a volume of 800 mL (size 180×80 h 65 mm). Thanks to its elegant design, it is possible to obtain perfect rounded baked preparations and entremets with a stunning aesthetic impact.
Pastry Chef Luca Bernardini collaborated in the conception of Oblio, a complete line of moulds with a circular cavity, available in 30, 95 and, 1,100 mL versions and suitable for entremets or baked products. Oblio30 is suitable for mignons, Oblio95 for single portions, and Oblio1100 for refined entremets. A single design option for a wider choice in terms of portions and price positioning.
The creativity of the R&D team at hangar78 is expressed by Intreccio105 and Intreccio1000, while Supernova105 gives a touch of light to single portions dedicated to winter festivities. Kit Spiral Roll1100 for yule logs in semifreddo version includes a plastic support and two silicone mats (a smooth and a decorated one), while the reusable thermoformed moulds Al Fred & Alfie, are fit for penguin and owl-shaped chocolate figures.
Following the success of reusable small trays fit for displaying, transporting and storing single portions, Silikomart now offers a similar range for cakes and entremets. With a minimal and contemporary design, they have a non-slip central section that guarantees the maximum stability and a circular incision that makes them stackable and easy to store. They are available in 165, 205, 260×80 mm, 285×120 mm versions.

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