The bon bon Cioccolatte inspired by Manzoni

In Milan, the Giardino di Alessandro is a green area shared by the Gallerie d'Italia in Piazza della Scala, which hosts the VÒCE Aimo e Nadia restaurant with its open space VÒCE in Giardino, and Casa Manzoni, the palace where Alessandro Manzoni lived until his death, which today is a museum and study center dedicated to the famous Italian writer


On the occasion of the reopening of the restaurant’s outdoor area, a special project has involved the two parts. Il Desco di Alessandro Manzoni is a gastronomic experience inspired by the life and passions of the famous writer, to be enjoyed at the only dedicated table located in the beautiful garden, where each course of the menu is described to diners through quotes from the works or episodes of the writer’s daily life.

The cioccolatte gelato bon bons

The Gusto 17 gourmet artisan gelato concept, with its own shop within VÒCE Aimo e Nadia, has in turn created the cioccolatte gelato bon bons to be included in the Desco menu, inspired by the type of chocolate much loved by the writer. They are filled with milk gelato with a cocoa and dark chocolate sauce, and covered by a dark chocolate coating. And again in honor of Manzoni, Gusto 17 offers a special cioccolatte gelato cup, to be enjoyed sitting in the VÒCE Cafeteria or at the restaurant.

Menù Gelato

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