The Broadway cakes at the 2017 New York Cake Show

The gallery photo of the fifth annual New York Cake Show, by Lisa Manosur
Credits Dayna Fischer

Over 200 passionate bakers and cake-decorating enthusiasts from all over the world competed in the 5th Annual NY Cake Show to showcase their over-the-top creations. This year’s show was Broadway themed and took place at the 70,000 sq. ft. space at Pier 36, NYC. The show featured 5 divisions and 11 categories of competitive cakes, as well as hands-on classes, a cupcake bar, kids’ classes and demos with expert chefs and artists, and more. Additionally, bakers from outside the USA were honored in the show’s 2nd annual Top 10 International Cake Artists awards. Winners included artists from Sachiko Windbiel, Jacqui Kelly and more… Among the others, also three Italian artists, Kristina Rado, Barbara Regini e Francesca Speranza. 

Below, Lisa Mansour with Francesca Speranza and our “Pasticceria Internazionale World Wide Edition”.

Lisa Mansour con Francesca Speranza

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Ashley Holt, Sugar Monster, Brooklyn, New York, Kinky Boots Show Table Cake
1. Wedding Cake: Chrissie Boon (Too Nice to Slice)
2. Celebration Cake: Nichole Ferello
3. Sculpture: Lidia Lourenco
4. Shoe Display: Sandra Durbin (Sandra’s Cakes)
5. Show Table: Melissa Alt (Melissa Alt Cakes)
6. Sugar Flowers: Yuka Sukegawa
7. Decorative Cookie Display: Amanda Mccrea
8. Decorative Cupcake Display: Diane Fehder (Diane Michelle Cakes)
9. Buttercream Wedding Cake: Charmaine Esh
10. Dessert Bar: Joseph Settepani
11. Non Cake Display: Rei Tamagawa
The NY Cake Show was founded by Lisa Mansour, award-winning expert in cake decoration and owner of NY Cake and NY Cake Academy.  She created the event in 2013 as an outlet to bring together the cake-decorating community and each year the show continues to grow in size and competition, this year topping them all.

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