The Chicago Restaurant Pastry Competition, Season Two


Chicago pastry Competiton

Look at the Episode 1 of the Chicago Restaurant Pastry Competition, Season Two…

The teaser trailer has been released and can be found here:

Here are the release dates for the entire series.
Episode 1 – Meet the Chefs                    Jan 21st
Episode 2 – Mystery Gelato Challenge    Feb 18th
Episode 3 – Signature Plated Dessert     March 18th
Episode 4 – And the Winner is…            April 22nd


What is the Chicago Restaurant Pastry Competition?
The CRPC is a one day competition where chefs are asked to make 8 plates of an original, creative and innovative plated dessert and accomplish a mystery challenge. The winner is the chef that presents the most creative and best tasting desserts.The results will be broadcast worldwide in a series of video episodes for web!


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