The Citrus Garden

The 2021 Summer collection by Maison Marcolini


Pierre Marcolini, Best Pastry Chef in the World 2020, signs the new summer collection inspired by the Mediterranean fruits: orange from Valencia, bergamot from Calabria, and lemon from Nice.
The Maison revisits the classic Italian amaretto in new bergamot and tangy lemon biscuit with a soft centre, with almond powder and very little sugar, and a pinch of sudachi and yuzu, in the bergamot version.
With the new citrus and candied fruit soft cake, it also features Citronnettes and Pamplemoussettes, candied fruit strips coated with dark or Cuba-Sao Tome milk chocolate, and summer Macaron collection, orange with fennel notes as well as the verbena, raspberry, passion fruit, rose, vanilla macaron, and lemon tea.


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