The first-ever vegan DKA as the original

Dominique Ansel presents a fully vegan DKA

After months of testing and recipe development, Dominique Ansel presents a fully vegan DKA (short for Dominique’s Kouign Amann) using all-natural ingredients and plant-based butter to achieve those same textures as the original.
Described as a “caramelized croissant,” the DKA is a Breton pastry that features a crispy, caramelized crust on the outside with a flaky and tender crumb within, and a bit of gooeyness just in the center. It’s the #1 best-seller at the Ansel bakeries. “If you know and love the classic DKA like we do, you’ll definitely want to give this vegan version a try”.
Ansel is launching a limited supply at its Soho Bakery starting next 29th February. The 4pc gift box is perfect to enjoy with a morning coffee, for weekend brunch, or a family or office get-together.
The vegan DKAs are baked fresh daily at Dominique Ansel Workshop. “We recommend you eat store in a cool, dry place. If they are still a bit chilled from the ice pack in the box, please let them come to room temperature before enjoying. If you do wish to cut it, please use a serrated knife, so as not to crush the layers”.

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