The first impressions of the protagonists

Chef Lo Scalzo
Chef Stefano Collomb
Chef Riccardo Magni
Chef Giacomo Boidi
Chef Andrea Cacciotti
Chef Elia Vitalini

Italy gets on the international stage and ICAM offers “A showcase to the world” to chocolate makers who daily choose the quality of the Italian company for its own production and itinerary research. The first cooking show get under way: selected Italian and International professionals will be at the ICAM booth in the Italian Chocolate Districts. On the stage of the cluster and on the roof garden, every chocolate maker will propose its interpretations made with Icam Professional Line Chocolate combined with the typical ingredients of its territory and with their professionality.


Chef Lo Scalzo – Dolcevita, Jesi (AN)
“I was really pleased that ICAM consider me for a presence at  the stand ICAM in EXPO, where in addition to the cooking show it was really important to present some of the products I create with Icam chocolate. Very nice was the presentation in the theater of the cluster, but we reached the maximum with the tasting session on the roof garden: participants were happy and very involved in the tasting path. Considering that in EXPO it is not easy to entertain people for many times, to have them with us for a relaxed and involved moment was really a great success.
My company and I had a great feedback from customers: no other photos post on facebook was shared as those of our presence in EXPO! This is an added value for me, and so I would like to say THANKS ICAM.”




LOSCALZO 5 6 MAG 15 DSC 8478

LOSCALZO 5 6 MAG 15 DSC 8592


Chef Stefano Collomb – Chocolat, La Thuile (AO)
“It was a great surprise to be invited by the marketing of an important  company such as  ICAM. Even before reaching Milan for the Expo, I already knew it could be interesting to be at this event of global importance, but when I crossed the turnstile entry in Expo I realized that it would be really such a good experience  for  both my work and for my personal culture.
When I arrived at the cocoa cluster I felt immediately the protagonist of something unique and that I will never hardly relive in my career. I especially enjoyed to see that the visitors were interested to taste and know more about the proposed recipes. Experience more than positive!
I just came back few days ago, and I’ve already received a lot of compliments from my customers and I also read many articles in the local press. I am sure that many more customers will talk about my experience in Expo and this will support my work and my company.”

COLLOMB 7 8 MAG 15 DSC 8777

COLLOMB 7 8 MAG 15 DSC 8802

COLLOMB 7 8 MAG 15 DSC 8815


Chef Riccardo Magni – Expert ICAM, Lecco
“I lived my first time at Expo with great curiosity and enthusiasm, feelings accompanied by the knowledge that I had this great opportunity to find myself living a moment of confrontation almost unique and highly exciting!”

MAGNI 4 MAG 15 DSC 8322


Chef Giacomo Boidi – Giraudi, Castellazzo Bormida (AL)
“I was very honored to be invited and to have the opportunity to put up a bit ‘of my knowledge and make it available to chocolate lovers. It was really a very positive experience and I would like to thank ICAM for the extraordinary welcome received”
The audience was very passionate and interested in my preparations and this was a further incentive to offer a cooking show that was risen to the expectations. My customers supported me and they perceived as an added value to the service that we already  offer them every day.”

BOIDI 11 12MAG15 DSC 9822

BOIDI 11 12MAG15 DSC 9917


Chef Andrea Cacciotti – Collefiorito, Rome
“A very funny and interesting experience. A very involved and interested target in discovering the history and the culture of chocolate. Definitely a nice showcase and opportunity to visit an international reality.”

CACCIOTTI 14 15 MAG 15 DSC 0172

CACCIOTTI 14 15 MAG 15 DSC 0175


Chef Elia Vitalini – Pasticceria Panetteria Vitalini, Valfurva – Sottovento – Dolce, Bormio
“It was a great joy to participate at this event and present ingredients that represent my territory, in combination with my favorite Icam chocolates. It was nice to have direct contact with Italian and international visitors, and been able to explain my work and my interpretation: I accompanied them through a taste itinerary with a big audience on the stage and also in a closer group on the roof garden. I returned just few days ago, but I quickly had a positive feedback and congratulations from my usual customers about my presence in the context of the universal exhibition.”






The initiative will take place for all the duration of Expo, with new interpreters every day.

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