The first time for Ifse at Sigep

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Ifse announces its plans for 2014: the new seat in the Castle of Barolo, the agreement for the internationalization of Conpait, the Gluten-free Academy and the courses for pizza makers…

The first experience of Ifse at the Sigep, the International Exhibition for the Artisan production of Gelato, Pastry, Confectionery and Bakery, that saw the school present with a stand of over 288 sqm. from the 18th to 22nd of January. Five intense but rewarding days for the school, that every day offered 4 theme demos,
and conferences and animated the area at its disposal with events connected to the world of pastry, pizza-making, cooking and cake design, guided by Ifse great instructors in collaboration with students and external professionals who participated on this specific occasion. One single subject was common to all the interventions and attracted a large audience of visitors “Haute cuisine and the art of pastry in the new boundaries between sweet and savoury”.
Ifse opened its activities with a press conference during which its General Director Raffaele Trovato, at the presence of Ifse President Piero Boffa, announced the new projects for 2014: the new seat in the Castle of Barolo, the agreement signed with Conpait for its internationalization, the new courses on pizza and the opening in Ifse of the Gluten-free Academy are just a few of the news that were announced. The Publishing Director of Pasticceria Internazionale, Mrs. Livia Chiriotti, the President of Conpait, Mr. Federico Anzellotti, the President of the Enoteca Regionale del Barolo, Mr. Federico Scarzello and Chef Francesco Favorito of the Gluten-Free Academy also attended the event.

Ifse at Sigep

Many were the professionals who animated the stand: the founder of BBQ4ALL and Grill Master Weber Mr. Gianfranco Lo Cascio presented, on the opening day, the Grilling dessert, the President of the Enoteca Regionale del Barolo Mr. Federico Scarzello spoke about dessert wines and Ifse Chef Riccardo Marello presented two innovative recipes with a Parmigiano Reggiano gelato and a Prosciutto di Parma jelly, followed by a “Deer tenderloin with coffee and chocolate”.
Among the many interventions, Pastry Chef Davide Tabarri and Chef Giuseppe Gagliardi for Debic, with single-portion desserts and Savoury desserts, Pastry Chef Dario Hartvig with the Olympic Games dessert with hazelnuts from Piedmont – tonda gentile delle Langhe variety –by Corilanga and Maestro Francesco Favorito with gluten-free desserts. Giovanni Abbo, President of the Corporazione dei Mastri Oleari (Olive Masters Corporation) presented a gelato with extra-virgin olive oil, while Ifse Chef Instructors Piero Rainone, with his coffee-flavoured “plin”, and Ugo Mura with his chocolate-and-Barolo Chinato pairings greatly contributed to the success of the event. Among the famous names present in the stand, Chocolate World Champion Davide Comaschi, who received a special prize from Ifse, Doctor Giovanni De Sanctis of the Ministry of Economic Development, who gave a speech on food counterfeiting, food-and-wine journalist Paolo Massobrio who presented the Expo 2015.

IFSE was present not only in its own stand, but also in the CONPAIT area, where IFSE General Director Raffaele Trovato held a press conference on professional training along with Conpait President Federico Anzellotti and had the honour of awarding a prize to the winners of the “Coppa Italia in Cake Design” competition, consisting in a 4 –week-long course at IFSE. Many were the companies that had the opportunity to share such an experience with IFSE: Lavazza, Debic, Italgelatine, Guardini, Rinaldi Superforni, Parmigiano Reggiano, Italia Zuccheri, Pavoni, Bernardi, Molini Pivetti, Mutti, Carpigiani, Fabbri, Selmi, CHS supported the demos given by the participating chefs, while Arca – Inoxpiù imposing mobile kitchen – overlooked the scene, supporting all the prepping steps and drawing everybody’s attention. Much effort, but also a lot of satisfaction for IFSE, ready to repeat such a wonderful experience on a larger scale in 2015 and keep giving emotions to professionals, amateurs and curious visitors through its professionalism and passion.

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