The heads of the World Chocolate Masters jury

The complete line-up of the next World Chocolate Masters jury is not yet known, but the ones who will supervise have been announced: Amaury Guichon, Kirsten Tibbals, Yusuke Matsushita, and Sachi Takagi



Currently, the nomination of the international jury for the next World Chocolate Masters is at full speed. The event is scheduled from 29 to 31 October at the Salon du Chocolat in Paris, and Anna Gerasi will represent our Country.
“Design, sustainability, accessibility and entrepreneurship will become part of the tomorrow chocolate research”, explains Ramon Morato, creative director of Cacao Barry, to introduce the theme of this edition, Tomorrow precisely, so that this competition will help to rethink chocolate and pastry going beyond the well-known.
And while awaiting for the 18-member jury, who will evaluate the performance of all competitors except for the one representing their own Country, we introduce you the four heads of the jury: Amaury Guichon, Kirsten Tibbals, Yusuke Matsushita, and Sachi Takagi.
No special introduction is needed for Guichon, host of Netflix’s School of Chocolate, with approximately 9 million followers on Instagram and known for his personal and signature vision of chocolate, in which the realistic and figurative aspects coexist without limits. The Australian Tibbals is one of the world’s most notable female cooks on Instagram, she’s a TV celebrity with many years of experience at Savour School. She will focus on supervising the fair and honest evaluation of taste by the jury. Finally, the Japanese duo Matsushita and Takagi, known for their own visual language and unrivalled attention to details, will ensure that the members of the jury make fair decisions when evaluating the artistic abilities of the 18 finalists.


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