the History


Lets play a game: if I say Italy, what do you think about? As usual the first associations are with food, love and fun (only to mention the nice aspects, obviously…!). Typical stereotypes which can however reflect the real qualities of our Country: a great heritage of culture, literature, art and science, but also of gastronomy, oenology, fashion, music, etc. A mixture of factors which have created a special way of living. 
Starting from this point of view, you may now imagine the result of joining the art of printing with the art of food, with special regard to the technological and scientific field. The publishing house Chiriotti Editori was born from this “marriage” in 1950, and it is now one of the strongest and most popular Italian company in the specific sector.
Almost 50 years totally devoted to the milling, food and beverage industries fields. A family company founded by two brothers – Giovanni and Giuseppe Chiriotti, sons of a miller – who are now supported by their wives, Emilia and Luisa, and their children, Alberto, Chiara, Ottavio and Livia, besides a dinamic staff. 
Born to inform the millers about their world, the company has grown up stronger, reaching different technical sectors, always involved in the food area. 
The first product is “Tecnica Molitoria”, the most complete magazine enjoying a worldwide prestige and dealing with all the branches of pasta making, flour and feed milling, and cereal chemistry.
In 1962 it is the time for “Industrie Alimentari”, the magazine aiming at solving all the problems concerning technological, scientific, economic and legislative information in the different fields of food industry.
After ten years “Industrie delle Bevande” appears; it’s a magazine addressed to all the branches of the beverage industry. And, in 1978, “Pasticceria Internazionale” was born, the technical-professional magazine in Italian, for master bakers, pastry chefs, chocolatiers, confectioners and ice-cream makers.
Other two “sons” are in English: “Italian Journal of Food Science” and “Italian Food & Beverage Technology”, magazines which aim at spreading the Italian research and know-how. The last born are “Ingredienti alimentari” and “Alimenti Funzionali”, dedicated to the food ingredients.
One of the most important values for the company is the direct relationship with subscribers and readers: a daily dialogue to understand their needs, in order to offer them the “right products”, always up-to-date. To facilitate this worldwide communication, Chiriotti Editori also has Web site  and everybody can write at the e-mail:
Chiriotti Editori also means technical books: scientific works written by university professors and researchers, and useful handbooks for pastry chefs and gelato makers, made by well-known professionals, not only Italian.
Most of the offer is written in Italian but it frequently crosses the local market as the experts understand anyway. In the last few years the range has been widened with multilanguage products, resulting from the strong belief to spread the technical knowledge, without boundaries.
Another service offered to the readers is the opportunity to consult the Company technical library, in Pinerolo, Torino very well supplied with books and magazines coming from all the world, open to everybody under appointment. As well as the Study Center founded by Emilia Coccolo Chiriotti (editor in chief of “Pasticceria Internazionale”): a small museum of pastry history, with tools, equipments, boxes, etc; but also antique and new recipe books and professional magazines.

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