The hourglass by David Alves

David Alves ranked first in the latest edition of Pâtissiers dans le Monde, a project by Jean François Devineau in collaboration with Silikomart.
This dessert consists of almond sablé, vanilla marshmallow and passion fruit and mango pâte de fruit, and almond and vanilla soft biscuit, mango and lime  compote, mango gelée and vanilla mousse





Passion fruit and mango pâte de fruit

175 g mango puree
75 g passion fruit puree
300 g sucrose
90 g glucose
37.5 g sucrose
10 g pectin NH
5 g acid solution

Mix the pectin with the 37.5 g of sucrose. Heat the purees, glucose and sucrose at 40°C. Add the sugar and pectin and cook at 108°C. Add the acid solution and pour the mix about 2 cm high into slightly greased SF256 molds.


Vanilla marshmallow

70 g invert sugar
150 g sucrose
50 g of water
50 g invert sugar
80 g gelatin mass
1 g lemon juice
½ vanilla bean

Mix the gelatin mass, 50 g of invert sugar and the grated ½ vanilla bean. Make a syrup with water, sucrose and 70 g of invert sugar, cook at 114°C and pour on the gelatin and invert sugar mix. Mix until it cools down to 30°C. Spread on the pâte de fruit in the SF256 molds. Let it set for 24 hours at least. Remove from the molds, sprinkle with neutral glaze and stick on chocolate discs already stuck on sablé discs. Keep aside.


Almond sablé

135 g T45 flour
70 g butter
20 g ground almonds
55 g icing sugar
1/2 pinch of salt
25 g eggs

In the mixer bowl mix butter, flour, icing sugar, salt, and ground almonds. Gradually add the eggs and knead lightly. Spread a 2 mm high layer and cut some 6 cm Ø discs. Make 0.5 mm small holes where the sticks will be placed (see the chocolate decorations). Bake for 25 minutes between two Air Mat at 150°C. Stick the chocolate discs at the top and at the bottom.





Almond and vanilla soft biscuit

120 g ground almonds
120 g icing sugar
1.5 g vanilla powder
16 g potato starch
80 g egg whites
10 g egg yolks
95 g melted butter
80 g egg whites
45 g sugar

Make a noisette butter and cool it down at 30°C. Beat a part of the egg whites at medium speed and add 45 g of sugar until fluffy. Mix the second part of the egg whites, the yolks and icing sugar. Add the ground almonds and vanilla, then mix. Add the noisette butter and the sifted flour. Bake in a frame 1 cm high at 170°C for 12 minutes. Cut with a round cutter to obtain 4 cm diameter and 8 mm high pieces.


Mango and lime compote

11 g mango puree
19 g passion fruit puree
8 g glucose
15 g granulated sugar
3 g granulated sugar
1.3 g NH pectin
80 g mango brunoise
2.5 g lime juice

Mix 15 g of sugar with pectin. Heat the puree, glucose, sugar and mango brunoise to 40°C, then sprinkle the pectin and sugar. Bring to a boil and add the lime juice. Put into the SF005 hemisphere molds, place the biscuit discs and blast chill.


Mango gelée

125 g mango puree
0.25 g xanthan gum
12.5 g dextrose
18.5 g gelatin mass

Mix dextrose and xanthan, add to the cold purée and mix. Add the previously melted gelatin, mix again and put in the fridge. Place the gelée on the vanilla mousse and add the biscuit/compote insert.


Vanilla mousse

50 g liquid cream
½ vanilla bean
20 g gelatin mass
45 g egg whites
35 g invert sugar
35 g glucose
205 g whipped cream

Heat the liquid cream with the grated ½ vanilla bean and infuse for 15 minutes, then add the gelatin mass. Make a meringue, whipping the egg whites and adding the glucose and invert sugar heated at 90°C. Mix until it cools down (30°C). Deglaze the gelled infusion at 27°C with the whipped cream, then add the meringue. Put in the SF256 molds filling them about halfway, add the cool mango gelée and then the biscuit/compote insert. Blast chill. Remove from the molds and sprinkle with some neutral glaze at 45/50°C. Arrange on the chocolate and sablé discs.


Neutral glaze

216 g water
66 g glucose
240 g sucrose
8 g pectin NH
8 g lemon juice

Mix 80 g of sugar with the pectin. Heat the water, glucose and sucrose to 40°C and sprinkle the sugar and pectin on it. Bring to a boil and store in a cool place, with contact film for 12 hours. Spray at 45/50°C.


Chocolate decorations (number of pieces for 1 petit gâteau)

6 cm diameter and 0.5 cm height round bands (2)
6 cm diameter discs (3)
6 cm diameter disc with three 0.5 mm small holes (1)
0.5 mm diameter and 8.5 cm high sticks (straws) (3)
0.5 mm golden screw heads (12)
golden seal (1)



Fix three sticks using some chocolate, then place the marshmallow and its sablé and chocolate support. Fix the chocolate bands, place the screw heads and finally the seal.



Hourglass scheme

sablé and chocolate disc
vanilla marshmallow
passion fruit and mango pâte de fruit
vanilla mousse
mango and lime compote
mango gelée
almond and vanilla soft biscuit
sablé and chocolate disc


David Alves



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