With the Expo opening the month of May has been full of amazing events. In particular, the exclusive tasting events and the interesting cooking shows organized by Icam in the Cocoa & Chocolate Cluster, in the Italian Districts of Chocolate, have achieved resounding success.

Nine renowned Italian pastry chefs have interpreted Icam chocolate with fantasy and mastery, realizing original and refined creations, which have been presented in Icam Booth, on the stage of Cocoa & Chocolate Cluster and during tasting events on the roof garden of the Italian Districts of Chocolate.

From Lombardy:

  • Riccardo Magni – Icam pastry chef – has delighted Expo visitors with fruity and fresh sweets that emphasize the different Icam chocolates, combined with caramel, coffee and red berries.
    The  Ecuador Chocolate praline with summer taste just made on the stage by Riccardo Magni.

    small glass
    Chocolate small glass with milk chocolate cream, white chocolate foam and red berries gelée made by Riccardo Magni.

  • Elia Vitalini – Vitalini Bakery, in Valfurva – has presented pralines and biscuits with chocolate, Alpine herbs, caramel, grappa, figs and walnuts. Great protagonist: the flavour of Bisciola, a cake typical in Valtellina, in praline version.
  • Andrea Galli – Dolce Passione Bakery, in Livigno – has offered a spiced plumcake, a chocolate bar with Alpine herbs and his Bombardino praline, with Vov, a liqueur where the main ingredient is egg.
  • Luca Galli – Goloseria Galli Bakery, in Livigno – has presented an apple and buckwheat tartellette and a delicious cake with blueberry, rye and yogurt.

    Coconut&raspberry mignon: small hazelnut pasta frolla tartellette with dark chocolate and coconut ganache, raspberry jam, covered by Italian meringue. By Luca Galli.

    Galli 2
    Tahiti praline: crunchy hazelnut praline with white chocolate and Thaiti vanilla ganache, covered by milk chocolate Vanini. By Luca Galli.

    Galli 3
    Made by Luca Galli.

From Piemonte:

  • Giacomo Boidi – Giraudi Cioccolato Artigianale, in the province of Alessandria – has surprised the public with red turnip pralines from Monferrato and innovative happy hour pralines with Parmigiano Reggiano and Gorgonzola.


From Valle d’Aosta:

  • Stefano Collomb – Chocolat Bakery, in La Thuile – and his prestigious Chaudelune truffle, an amazing small square of chocolate with juniper and a fantasy of “cremini” with hazelnuts.

From Emilia Romagna:

  • Tiziana Iseppi – Sapori del Borgo Antico, in the province of Modena – has offered mousse, truffles and “panna cotta” with chocolate and red – yellow – dried fruit.

From Marche:

  • Luigi Loscalzo – Dolcevita, in the province of Ancona – has surprised the public with an original combination of chocolate and hemp seeds and oil, which are rich of important nutrients. The result: innovative crunchy bars and spreadable creams.

From Lazio:

  • Andrea Caciotti – Collefiorito, in Rome – and his exquisite Montiano praline, a refined union of chocolate and red wine from Lazio.


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