From Chicago Mistery Casting Challenge
Michaela 2
by Michaela Hapak
Pastry Chef at Splendido Restaurant


Tamarind Cake
Butter, unsalted    225 g
Coconut Palm Sugar    150 g
Sugar    180 g
Brown Sugar    50 g
Eggs, whole    200 g
All-purpose Flour    370 g
Tamarind Paste    350 g
Milk    100 g
Cocoa Powder    20 g
Baking Soda    10 g
Salt    2 g
Mexican Vanilla Bean    1

1.    In a stand mixer cream butter and sugars until fluffy.
2.    Slowly add in eggs with vanilla.
3.    Sift flour, cocoa powder, baking soda and salt together.
4.    Add ¼ of dry mix to butter mixture.
5.    Combine milk and tamarind paste. Slowly add ¼ of wet mix.
6.    Alternate between wet and dry mix, continuously scraping down bowl.
7.    Pour onto half sheet tray, bake at 325 F for 15-20 minutes.
8.    Let cool.

Tamarind Jelly
Water     25 g
Tamarind Paste    100 g
Simple Syrup    75 g
Gelatin, sheets    2.5
Salt 1 g

1.    Bloom gelatin.
2.    In a pot, bring water, tamarind, salt and simple syrup to a boil.
3.    Add in gelatin.
4.    Let set in fridge.

“Spiced” Mousse
Egg Whites    62 g
Sugar    125 g
Water    60 g
35% Cream    250 g
Gelatin, sheets    2.5
Salt    1 g
Ground Clove    0.5 g
Ground Cinnamon    4 g
Ground Nutmeg    2.5 g
Ground Ginger    3 g
Ginger juice    12 g

1.    Bloom gelatin
2.    Whip cream to soft peaks, set aside in fridge.
3.    Whisk together spices, salt and ginger juice, heat in pot until warm. Keep in separate bowl.
4.    Bring sugar with water to 114 C
5.    In stand mixer whip whites till frothy, slowly add in your cooked sugar.
6.    Melt gelatin and add to spices.
7.    Once Italian meringue is only slightly warm whisk in ¼ of the mixture to the spices. Slowly fold in the rest with a spatula.
8.    Fold in whipped cream.

Chocolate Hazelnut Bark
Dark Chocolate    300 g
Pre Gel Hazelnut Paste (or Gianduja)    180 g
35% Cream    120 g
Corn Flakes    200 g
Salt    2 g

1.    Melt chocolate and hazelnut paste together.
2.    Bring cream to a boil.
3.    Pour cream over chocolate, to make a ganache.
4.    Add salt and corn flakes. Let set in fridge.

Ginger Sorbet
Sorbet base    2250 g
Ginger Juice    525 g
Lime Juice    90 g
Salt    3 g

1.    Whisk all together. Spin.

Orange Bourbon Sauce
Orange Juice    1900 g
Sugar    100 g
Passion Fruit Juice    44 g
Bourbon    60 g
Xanthum Gum    2.8 g

1.    In a pot, bring orange juice and sugar to a boil. Let reduce till only 700 grams of juice left.
2.    Whisk in passion fruit and bourbon.
3.    Over heat, whisk in xanthum gum. Whisk until thick.
4.    Take off heat and strain.
5.    Reheat when needed.

Gianduja Snow
Pre Gel Gianduja Paste (or Hazelnut Regina)    140 g
Tapioca Maltodextrin (Willpowder)    52 g
Icing Sugar    40 g
Hazelnut Oil    16 g
Salt    3 g

1.    Slightly warm Gianduja Paste
2.    Whisk together maltodextrin, icing sugar and salt.
3.    Pour in paste, whisk thoroughly.
4.    Whisk in oil.

DeZaan Intense 35 Milk Chocolate
Chocolate    4 kg

1.    Temper chocolate
2.    Pour into sphere molds, let set up a bit
3.    Knock out remaining chocolate, scrap around sides to ensure clean seals.
4.    Let set at room temperature. Once completely set, put into freezer to easily pop out.

Toasted Hazelnuts, 150 g
Orange Segments, 2 g

1.    Place a layer of bark on bottom of sphere.
2.    Cut tamarind cake and place on top of bark.
3.    Layer toasted hazelnuts
4.    Spoon tamarind jelly on top
5.    Another layer of bark
6.    Place orange segments on top
7.    Pipe in spiced mousse.
8.    Finish with toasted hazelnuts, close sphere.
9.    Seal sphere.
10.    Adhere sphere to plate.
11.    Drop maltodextrin on sphere and a pile to the right of sphere.
12.    Heat up orange sauce.
13.    Quenelle ginger sorbet onto maltodextrin.
14.    Pour orange sauce into saucier.
15.    Once at table pour sauce onto sphere.
16.    Wait to collapse.

Michaela Hapak
Pastry Chef
Splendido Restaurant
Toronto, Ontario
Michaela 2

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