The King of cream whippers

The new machine by Frigomat allows simple and fast sanitization

King, the new Frigomat cream whipper machine, stands out for its cleaning and sanitizing performances, designed to simplify operating activities and to guarantee the best hygiene standards.
The machine has two modes to achieve thorough cleaning: an automatic washing function of the whole circuit by means of a passing-by liquid which allows to speed up and simplify the cleaning and sanitizing procedures of the food-contact parts; the possibility of disassembling all food contact parts for cleaning and individual inspection of each component.
The cream whipper stands out also for other characteristics: the solenoid valve pressure dispenser allows to obtain excellent product structure and no residue at the end of delivery; the low temperature dispenser permits an optimal product maintenance; the stainless steel nozzle guarantees the high quality of the product appearance. Moreover, the machine is equipped with a self-priming rotary new generation pump, a 2 litres removable stainless steel tank with “anti-ice” technology refrigeration system and the possibility of adjustable dosing.
Thanks to these characteristics, King allows to obtain high performance levels with fresh cream, UHT and vegetable-based products, and the wide overrun adjustment makes it perfect to be used for whipped and semi whipped creams and mousse.
Finally, its clean and essential design allows its placing in both public and laboratory environments.

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