The most Googled in Italy: tiramisu, tarts and chiacchiere draws up the ranking of the most searched dessert recipe in Italy and Europe

Be Italian, Italia-Misù and pistacchio and hazelnut cremino by Fabrizio Fiorani (“Tra l’onirico e il reale”, Chiriotti Editori).


Every year, on average, 732,000 times we search online for the tiramisu recipe and 180,000 for the tart and 144,000 for the chiacchiere. These are the most popular desserts (followed by panna cotta and Neapolitan pastiera). And there are so many of us, second only to the United Kingdom. reveals the results of an analytic research.
The digital study Ahrefs and also studies sweet tastes in other European Countries: in Spain, magdalenes are the most clicked (with 144,000 annual online searches), followed by arroz con leche (132,000), a type of rice pudding, and leche frita (85,200), flour and milk dough fried and topped with a sugar glaze.

Above, Be Italian dessert, Italia-Misù and pistacchio and hazelnut cremino,
by Fabrizio Fiorani in “Tra l’onirico e il reale”, Chiriotti Editori.
The book is available online HERE

In the United Kingdom, flapjacks stand out on carrot cakes (1,284,000) and scones (732,000) (1,644,000 searches per year, the equivalent of almost 5,000 times a day). The mixture of oat flakes, butter, sugar and golden syrup or honey appeared for the first time in a poem written in 1620. And there are 6,000 Google searches a year for the tablet in Scotland: a blend of condensed milk, sugar and butter.
In France, the most loved recipe is the mousse au chocolat, searched online 348,000 times a year (on average), followed by riz au lait (312,000) and clafoutis (252,000), a soft baked dessert with black cherries dipped in liquid dough made from eggs, milk, sugar and flour.
The Swedish kladdkaka dessert counts 696,000 clicks a year, sticky to the “heart” and crunchy on the outside; våfflor and knäck are also popular (144,000 and 111,600). Pannenkoek is very popular in the Netherlands (576,000 clicks per year): a pancake with fruit, especially apples. And with apples are also the appeltaart and appelflap (105,600 and 97,200).
The lebkuchen in Germany (on Google 432,000 times a year) is a Christmas tradition: biscuits made from moulded honey cake and decorated with icing or chocolate. And there are the käsekuchen (384,000), with a base similar to shortcrust and a cheese filling, and the apfelkuchen, a local version of our apple pie, with 312,000 searches per year.

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