The new sweet collections by Janice Wong

The limited edition cake and bon bons created by Janice Wong in Singapore


Janice Wong creates the Pink guava and hazelnut cake, a combination of hazelnut dacquoise with pink guava mousse. “We want it to be a celebration of flavors and textures”. Tulip bon bons is a boxset featuring five limited edition flavors: ginferflower, sea salt lavender, peach tea caramel, honey chamomile, and passion fruit banana.

And new cakes in her collection are available too. Such as Hojicha tea and kinako cake, which consists of pistachio crispy, hojicha madelaine, kinaco cream, and hojicha mousse. And the Chocolate whisky sour cherry cake (with 3D decoration): chocolate flourless cake, whisky white chocolate mousse, sour cherry compote, and blackberry parfait.

Online, Plant a Tree is a dedicated section where to buy a set of 4 chocolate bars with special flavors, as a contribute to plant a cocoa tree in Singapore.








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