The orange narrative in Crippa’s dishes

Because the dish idea often comes from an ingredient

In Alba, at the three stars for Michelin Guide Piazza Duomo, chef Enrico Crippa opens his pantry to tell the dishes of the next season, including suggestions and revelations with orange scent, chosen as the main ingredient and explored in various forms, such as cream, broth, jelly, and biscuit.
“When I cook I always have customers in my mind, satisfying them is the best reward. And today I would like to amaze them with an Italian journey of flavors, giving back to a dish that pleasure of exploration that we lack as never before, but which luckily cooking with a simple ingredient is able to evoke”, explains the chef.
The soft taste of blonde oranges – Navel – makes them perfect for preparing sauce, puff pastry, and broth. The decisive and unmistakable flavor of the Tarocco variety is revealed in the juice and sharp cut of the salad, softened by the Moscato passito jelly.
The main dish is a game of geometry: a crunchy shell made from the orange pulp stuffed with almond mousse; Mediterranean notes of coffee, green mango and burnt lemon powder; orange sauce and fake peel dipped in dark chocolate; orange broth, prepared with toasted peel. A soft seirass ricotta, worked like a Savoy cup, combined with the Cavour biscuit, finally brings back to that corner of Piedmont, the Langhe, renowned all over the world for variety and quality of products and deep-rooted traditions, where in 2005 the culinary experience signed by the Ceretto family and chef Crippa made his debut, in the sign of the excellence of raw materials, direct contact with suppliers, respect for the seasons and the act of “creation” on the plate.


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