The summer issue of “Pasticceria Internazionale” is out

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A new look, a fresher style and many enriched contents for the new Pasticceria Internazionale website. All new, starting from the name. This is the big news that opens our summer issue! You know… we want to be WITH YOU, ALWAYS UP TO DATE, IN ALL VERSIONS!

The inquiry

Our new inquiry is dedicated to A Summer of Renaissance: from multiple perspectives, including interviews and narrations, present and future are illustrated and anticipated  with optimism, action and trust, involving Iginio MassariAlessandra and Ernst KnamEmanuela IsoardiGabriele SpinelliStefano ZizzolaAntonio DaloisoBenito OdorinoEmmanuele ForconeSara AccorroniBruno Luigi D’AngelisFabrizio RaccaFatamorganaNicola Di LenaGiro Di ViteD’AntoniFalicetto, and Alessandro Giuffrè.



François Daubinet inaugurates a classic recipe collection reinterpreted for #PasticceriaInternazionale, Roberto Rinaldini presents his new collections, while Aurélien Rivoire is the protagonist of a professional pathway which represents one of the most effective allegories of the virtues of the French pastry ecosystem, based on transmission and experimentation. Gianluca Pasini talks about the new manifesto drawn up by his Molino.
In the hot season, popsicles, sorbets and stick gelatoes become increasingly trendy. Martin Lippo presents his new recipes for fast production and Leonardo Di Carlo expresses his vision about gelato, together with the work of the super-starred Mauro Colagreco at Mirazur restaurant in Menton, the description of French gelato trends (including estimates, food for thought and new products), and Loretta Fanella’s illustration of the versatility of gelato in restaurant menus.

Focus on

The coating techniques are no longer a secret thanks to the advice of Francesco BocciaAlexandre Bourdeaux and Yuri Cestari explore the colorful world of macarons, involving Jean-Philippe Darcis, and Fabrizio Fiorani explains how to create an atmosphere through the use of innovative technology.
Just another issue full of contents: we wish you a great summer and a very good reading, including recipes and interviews, news from the world and insights on cafés (and coffee)decorationfood technologymarketing and laboratory optimization.


We wish a peaceful summer!
The editorial staff


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