The winning recipes of the 23th Luxardo Grand Premio

Hirotaka Sakai presents its winning recipes of the 23th Luxardo Grand Premio.
Barchetta and Passione.



214g     whole eggs
54g    granulated sugar
25g    flour
19g    cocoa powder
19g    butter

1.    Beat the whole eggs and granulated sugar.  
2.    Add the flour, cocoa powder, and butter.  
3.    Bake at 180°c for 16 minutes.  
4.    When cool, cut into 7mm slices and cut out into discs.  
5.    Set into molds, soak with the imbibage, and freeze. 


30g    Luxardo Espresso Liqueur
24g    espresso coffee

1.    Mix together the Luxardo Espresso Liqueur and the espresso coffee. 


40g    hazelnut powder
80g    almond powder
62g    icing sugar
4g    powdered coffee (Caférine Espresso)
22g    Luxardo Espresso Liqueur
22g    hot water
82g    egg yolks
74g    flour
138g    egg whites
33g    granulated sugar
54g    butter
60g    Luxardo Espresso Liqueur

1.    Beat the hazelnut powder, almond powder, icing sugar, powdered coffee, Luxardo Espresso Liqueur, hot water, and egg yolks.  
2.    Beat the egg whites with the granulated sugar and incorporate half of it into 1.  
3.    Add the butter, then the remaining meringue.  
4.    Bake at 180°c for 16 minutes.  
5.    Soak with Luxardo Espresso Liqueur when done baking. 


100g    cream 35%
30g    milk
1/2    stick vanilla
56g    frozen egg yolks
22g    granulated sugar
26g    powdered milk
5g    water
1g    gelatin

1.    Make an anglaise with the cream, milk, vanilla, frozen egg yolk, granulated sugar, and powdered milk.  
2.    Add and melt the soaked gelatin.  
3.    Pour into molds over the Biscuit Chocolat and freeze again. 


38g    hazelnut praline
19g    couverture Jivara Lactée
14g    caramel flakes
14g    feuilletine (Roylatine)

1.    Melt the couverture Jivara Lactée and mix with the hazelnut praline, caramel flakes, and feuilletine.  
2.    Spread into molds and cover with the cut out Biscuit Noisette Café.
3.    Remove from the molds once frozen. 


120g    cream cheese
30g    granulated sugar
6g    lemon juice
12g    Luxardo Espresso Liqueur
90g    cream 35%
6g    coffee beans
40g    frozen egg yolks
30g    granulated sugar        
6g    gelatin
30g    water
200g    whipped cream 35%

1.    Bring the cream to a boil, remove from the heat, add the crushed coffee beans and cover for 5 minutes.  
2.    Mix together the cream cheese, granulated sugar, lemon juice, Luxardo Espresso Liqueur until creamy.  
3.    Make an anglaise with the cream infusion, egg yolks, and granulated sugar.  
4.    Melt the soaked gelatin, and gradually pour over 2. and mix.  
5.    When mixed, incorporate the whipped cream. 


28g    couverture Jivara Lactée
4g    couverture P125 Coeur de Guanaja
42g    cream 35%
14g    Luxardo Espresso Liqueur

1.    Bring the cream to a boil.  
2.    Pour over the couverture and mix to obtain a homogenous mixture.  
3.    When cool, add the Luxardo Espresso Liqueur.  
4.    Cover the surface with plastic wrap and keep in the refrigerator. 


100g    white chocolate
50g    cacao butter

1.    Melt together the white chocolate and cacao butter. 

1.    Fill 3/5 of the mold with Mousse Fromage Café, and push in the frozen Biscuit Chocolat and Crème Vanille insert to the bottom.  
2.    Fill the sides with the Mousse Fromage Café and cover with the Biscuit Noisette Café with the Noisette Caramel side facing down.  
3.    Remove from the mold and spray with the Pistolet Chocolat Blanc.  
4.    Warm the Sauce Chocolat and pour into the hollow of the Mousse Fromage Café.  
5.    Decorate with gold leaves and chocolate.




130g     frozen whole griotte cherries
100g     granulated sugar
100g    Luxardo Maraschino

1.    Heat the griotte cherries and granulated sugar until it starts to boil.  
2.    Remove from the heat, cool down, and add the Luxardo Maraschino.  
3.    Cool down. 


100g    Compote Griotte
10g    granulated sugar
15g    lemon juice
20g    water
2g    gelatin

1.    Mix the Compote Griotte, granulated sugar, and lemon juice with a hand mixer.  
2.    Add the soaked gelatin, pour into molds and freeze. 


50g     butter
50g     granulated sugar
50g     almond powder
50g    flour

1.    Put all ingredients in the mixer.  
2.    When crumbly, place between plastic sheets and roll out into 3mm thick sheets.  
3.    Leave to rest in the refrigerator.
4.    Cut out into 5.5cm discs and bake at 160°c for 16 minutes. 


104g     almond powder
86g    icing sugar
30g    flour
12g    cocoa powder
200g    egg whites
52g    granulated sugar

1.    Beat the egg whites and granulated sugar to make a meringue.  
2.    Incorporate the sifted almond powder, icing sugar, flour, cocoa powder and bake at 200°c for 13minutes.  
3.    When cool, cut out into 5.5cm discs. 


30g    Luxardo Maraschino
15g    liquid from the Compote Griotte

1.    Mix together the Luxardo Maraschino and the liquid from the Compote Griotte. 


34g    couverture Caraque
17g    couverture Cäraibe
28g    frozen egg yolks
14g    granulated sugar
60g    cream 35%
24g    milk
10g    Luxardo Maraschino

1.    Make an anglaise with the egg yolks, granulated sugar, cream, and milk.  
2.    Mix well with the couverture Caraque and Cäraibe and emulsify.  
3.    Cool down and mix with the Luxardo Marschino.  
4.    Pour over the frozen Coulis Griotte and freeze again. 


156g    griotte cherry purée
39g    raspberry purée
10g    granulated sugar
8g    gelatin
40g    water
20g    Luxardo Maraschino
29g    egg whites
58g    granulated sugar
200g    cream    35%

1.    Heat the griotte cherry and raspberry purée with the granulated sugar.  
2.    Add the soaked gelatin and mix.  
3.    When cool, add the Luxardo Maraschino.
4.    Incorporate the Italian meringue and whipped cream. 


250g    nappage neutre (cold-processed)
150g    nappage neutre
100g    griotte cherry purée
100g    Luxardo Maraschino

1.    Mix together the two kinds of nappage with the griotte cherry purée and melt the mixture over heat.  
2.    Cool down and add the Luxardo Maraschino.

1.    Fill the mold half way with the Mousse Griotte and push in the frozen Coulis Griotte and Crème Chocolat insert.  
2.    Pipe in a small amount of Mousse Griotte and cover with the Biscuit d’Amandes Chocolat soaked with the Imbibage.  
3.    Fill to the top with Mousse Griotte, cover with the Pâte Sablée, and freeze.  
4.    Remove from the molds and cover with the Glaçage Maraschino at 55°c.  
5.    Decorate with the Compote Griotte, chervil, and chocolate.

Hirotaka Sakai for the 23th Luxardo Grand Premio

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