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Two great international level events scheduled:
the Junior Pastry World Cup and the “Star of Sugar”…

From January 19th to 23rd 2013, at the 34th SIGEP, Rimini Fiera will host the world’s greatest pastry masters, key players in the spectacular scenario of the Pastry Arena. Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th there will be the JUNIOR PASTRY WORLD CUP, the biennial competition reserved for under-23 contestants. The great expectations for the event can be seen from the exceptional number of entrants. Ten nations are taking part: Australia, Brazil, France, England, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland and Italy. The theme of the contest is “The circus of the future”. Each team will be represented by two pastry chefs accompanied by their trainer, who will be part of the international panel of judges. The tests foresee the realization of a sculpture in sugar and one in chocolate, a chocolate cake and a gelato bar with a free choice of flavour and glazed in chocolate, three pralines and a cream dessert based on white chocolate and fruit. The international panel of judges, chaired by Gianluca Fusto (the trainer of the winning team in 2011) will be made up of Massari (honorary chairman), Stephan Klein, Paco Torreblanca and Eliseo Tonti. Roberto Rinaldini, President of the World Cup and creator of the event, says, “There is eager expectation for the event and the teams are already training hard. At Rimini Fiera we shall have the great pastry chefs of the future for a world-level showcase that will definitely be a must for all the sector’s trade members.”
International attention well also be attracted by THE STAR OF SUGAR, the international contest reserved for the great professionals of sugar work in the pastry world, a refined technique in which the French school is top, but eastern countries are doing extraordinarily well. With the theme “The clown girl”, on Saturday 19th about  twenty great pastry chefs (registration is open until 15th November and has already been received from Italy, Australia and France) will assemble a sculpture in sugar inside a showcase, a very difficult technical test that will be judged by the SIGEP international panel of judges chaired by Stephan Klein. A prize of 5,000 euros is at stake. This will highlight perfection, maniacal care with details and a truly spectacular artistic contest. The sculptures will remain on display until the end of the expo.
Dates: 19-23 January 2013; Organizer: Rimini Fiera SpA; edition: 34th Sigep, 3rd A. B. Tech Expo; frequency: SIGEP annual and A.B. Tech Expo triennial; category: international; admission: trade members only; business unit manager: Patrizia Cecchi; project managers: Gabriella de Girolamo (gelato), Giorgia Maioli (confectionery/pastry and bakery); exhibitor info: tel +39 0541 744521 fax +39 0541/744772; Web site: www.sigep.itt –

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