The Yorkshire Pudding become ice cream cone

From the original mash-up of the Sicilian traditional brioche and gelato and English Yorkshire pudding comes the latest creation of Giapo, the laboratory restaurant dedicated to ice cream by Giampaolo Grazioli and Annarosa Petrucci, in the heart of Auckland City at 279 Queen Street.
In the new Yorkshire Pudding Giapo the brioche becomes pudding, served warm in the classic form with custard and rhubarb jam ice cream or others flavours available in menu. It is crunchy on the outside, soft and fluffy inside.

English dish, usually served with the Sunday roast with meat, potatoes, peas and different sauces of the Traditional British cuisine, the Yorkshire puddings are a mixture of milk, eggs and flour cooked in the oven with olive oil (or lard) boiling. Once home cooked, “now it is proposed as a reference to the tradition of starred restaurants around the world”, explains Annarosa.
Giapo was inspired by the neutral taste and not sweet of the pudding, but the shape does not help to be served as a support for ice cream. “Now we are able to get a proper shape to serve ice cream, with a concave shape and a kind of support for the hand,” she says enthusiastic and concludes: “The new Yorkshire Pudding Giapo has enjoyed an incredible success, we sell so many puddings as many traditional cones”.





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