The leading expo gelato, pastry, confectionery and bakery will be held at Rimini Fiera from 23rd to 25th January 2016.
The Gelato World Cup returns.


From the Expo year to the SIGEP year. An ideal “handover” to continue highlighting the quality of Italian-made food will confirm the important role of the 37th SIGEP, the world’s first 2016 expo ready to add the concrete business to promotional activities. The event will be at Rimini Fiera from January 23rd to 27th
The previous edition of the leading artisan confectionery expo, reference point of a world market – that of artisan gelato, pastry and bakery products – that is continually growing, was attended by over 187,000 trade visitors, 38,000 of whom were from abroad, a share that has practically doubled in five years.
Record-breaking numbers that indicate the sector’s excellent level of innovation and quality.
For SIGEP 2016 top international events have already been decided, authentic shows that, as is the tradition, will highlight the world’s major schools of artisan confectionery and the master craftsmen who are their backbone.
For gelato there will be the World Cup, for which participants have increased to 14 (there were 11 in 2015) and which will be held in the prestigious setting of the South Foyer; for pastry, there will be the appointment with The Pastry Queen, the competition dedicated to the most talented ladies from five continents; not to mention the world contest of the Star of Chocolate, while Bread in the City will turn the spotlight on artisan bakery schools. The calendar will be completed with dozens of other events: for example, there will be no lack of celebrations for the members of the Italian team who won the World Pastry Cup in January, in Lyon.
Another record-breaking edition is on the cards on the expo front too. As well as the confirmations received from companies following the last edition, in recent months the demand has increased and, as summer approaches, occupied exhibit space is 40% more than the same period of last year. The expo centre – 16 halls – will be entirely occupied. Also worthy of note is the great increase in the area destined to coffee.
This is one of the results of the ”SIGEP all year” project, with numerous events that follow one another throughout the year and the numerous innovative facilities conceived to assist exhibitors. From Sistema SIGEP to support internationalization activity to SIGEP Boost, useful for backing enterprises’ business with the expo’s communication media; plus the Agent Forum initiative to support and complete the sales networks of many enterprises that in Italy too need to make their proposals known; Top Buyers from 5 Continents on the other hand is the platform on which supply and demand meet. A great promotional investment addressing Asia, North and South America was made for 2016. To facilitate the arrival of buyers, Rimini Fiera ha clinched direct agreements with Bologna’s Marconi airport (a shuttle every 20 minutes), and with the privileged access points for Far East and American visitors; i.e. Venice’s Marco Polo and Milan’s Malpensa including evening transport facilities, in order to optimize expo visits from the early hours of the morning.
Alongside the next edition of SIGEP there will be RHEX, Rimini Horeca Expo, which will host products and technology for catering and food service in Halls B7 and D7.


Don’t master gelato artisans create sculptures? Isn’t artisan confectionery an art? Considerations of this type led to the creation of the 2016 image for SIGEP, designed by the Gambarini & Muti Agency. The visuals feature a high-impact aspect of Italian-made “products”: great Italian art, in a comparison with the artisan skills of gelato, pastry and bakery masters.
The agency’s owner, Luigi Gambarini explains, “There is an increasing number of connections between fashion and food, but a direct affinity of taste, as far as taste buds and the master artisans’ skills are concerned, with the great works of art had never been attempted before.
The campaign’s headline is “The art of Italian taste in the world”. In a single multimedia work of art, SIGEP 2016 combines Italian artisan skills in gelato, pastry, bread and coffee with great Etruscan, Roman, Renaissance and Italian neoclassic art.
 “In the campaign’s various layouts”, continues Gambarini, “the airy sculpture-like curves of a gelato are alongside the serious face of Michelangelo’s David, while a haute patisserie cake has a precious Etruscan gold item as its background. A cup of coffee matches the colour of the Etruscan Kylix drinking cup from Tarquinia, a chocolate sculpture (winner of the world championship) is spotlighted alongside Canova’s neoclassical statue of Hebe. A basket of bread is combined with Caravaggio’s young Bacchus and the Pompeii red frescos of the Villa of Mysteries are fronted by an inviting tomato pizza.”

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