Un Eté chez Pierre by Marcolini

Pierre Marcolini interprets the next hot season and launchs the collection Un Eté chez Pierre, delicious and fresh ice cream, cookies and natural beverage inspired by the bright colors of the summer gardens.


The ice cream is precious, available in 120 ml cups. With the precious notes of black jasmine tea and red fruit coulis and vanilla meringue; with Madagascar vanilla infused and chocolate sauce and caramelized cocoa grué; caramel accompanied by a caramel sauce, vanilla and caramelized pecans; the praline with Piedmont hazelnuts and roasted hazelnut chips, and finally chocolate, with cocoa beans from Ecuador and Ghana and covered with chocolate chips. (€ 4.90)

Les Esquimaux à combiner are 6 flavors ice cream on stick, including classic flavors and seasonal (vanilla, chocolate, raspberry, caramel and pecans, mango, tea Matcha) to combine with 5 different covers: dark and grué cocoa, chocolate milk and almonds, white chocolate, white and Matcha tea, white and raspberries. (3.90 €)

The new natural infusions are delicious, healthy and refreshing, rich in polyphenols and minerals, with stimulating moisturizers and antioxidants properties. Available in 3 versions: Belle Toujours with ginger, the floral taste of Belle de Nuit, and Belle de Jour, flavored with lime peel and lemon, Tahitian vanilla. Among the beverages, Maecolini also presents a recipe made with chocolate prepared with fresh milk (Bottle 33 cl: 3,50 €)

They look like petals of a flower. They are little crunchy biscuits in delicate fragrances of vanilla, chocolate, hazelnut, lemon, ginger, and caramel. Proposed in mixed selections from 125 g to 13.50 €.




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