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Carrot Cremeux, Buckwheat cake, Citrus Anise Curd, Smoked Pecan Praline Ice Cream
Jim Hutchison
Pastry Chef at Winvian Relais & Chateux

Carrot Cremeux
Ingredient    1x
Milk    400
Cream    300
Carrots    360
Sugar    180
Gelatin sheets, bloomed    5 Each
Cook the milk, cream and carrots until carrots are soft and liquid is reduced to 1,050 g. Add sugar and blend in blender. Add gelatin and blend until completely smooth. Portion; freeze, unmold, keep chilled until service.

Sake Gelee
Ingredient    1x
Syrup    400
Sake    120
Gellan    5
Bring simple syrup to a full boil. Add the sake and bring back to a full boil. Immediately add to a blender and blend on low. Immediately add the gellan and blend for 1 full minute. Pour in pvc pipes molds. Allow to set at room temperature. Chill. Portion for service.

Vanilla Miso Bavaroise
Ingredient    1x
Milk    500
Vanilla Bean, Madagascar
Bourbon Nielsen Massey    1 Each
Miso, red    32
Yolks    120
Sugar    125
Gelatin    4.5 Each
Whipped Cream, whipped soft    375
Cook milk, vanilla bean, miso, yolks and sugar as an anglaise. Add bloomed gelatin and stir to dissolve. Strain. Chill over and ice bath to 25°C. Fold in softly whipped cream. Portion and freeze. Unmold and keep chilled until service.

Lemon Anise Curd
Ingredient    1x
Lemon Juice    270
Agar    4
Sugar    270
Whole Egg    270
Butter    180
Anise hyssop leaves    75

Add the lemon juice in a blender.  Shear in the agar.  Blend for 2 minutes.  Transfer to a saucepan and bring to a boil.  Meanwhile, combine the eggs and sugar in the blender pitcher and blend to combine. Temper the hot juice into the egg mixture and return to the saucepan. Bring to a boil while whisking constantly.  Transfer the mixture to a blender and blend on low speed. Add the butter little by little until it is all incorporated. Pour the mixture into a shallow container and allow to gel. Chill.
Blanch the Anise leaves and shock in ice water. Remove excess water and freeze. Blend the chilled gel and anise leaves until smooth. Pour into a shallow container and chill quickly. Place in piping bag fitted with #802 tip. Keep chilled for service.

Buckwheat cake
Ingredient    1x
Whole Egg    3 Each
Sugar    369
Grapeseed Oil    153
Salt    5
Pear puree    270
Vanilla Extract, Madagascar
Bourbon Nielsen Massey    6
Buckwheat flour    120
AP Flour    162
Baking Soda    4.8
Baking powder    1.2

On a standing mixer with the whip attachment, whip the eggs, sugar, grapeseed oil and salt on high speed for 8 minutes, until white and fluffy. Fold in the pear puree and the vanilla extract. Sift the dry ingredients and fold into the whipped mixture. Portion into a silpat lined half sheet pan. Bake at 175°C for 12-15 minutes.
Cool. Portion into 5 x 5cm squares and set aside until service.

Smoked Pecan Praline Paste
Ingredient    1x
Pecans    500
Sugar    450
Salt    2

Smoke the Pecans. Caramelize sugar. Add nuts and salt and stir to coat. Pour onto silpat and spread out evenly.  Allow to cool. Coarsely chop the praline and place in a food processor. Process until a homogenous paste has formed, scraping as needed. Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator until needed.

Smoked Pecan Praline Ice Cream
Milk     690
Cream    166
Sugar    140
Trimolene    20
Glucose Powder    20
Milk Powder    40
Stabilizer    5
Guar Gum, WillPowder    1
Smoked Pecan Praline Paste    100
Bring milk, cream, sugars, to 75°C. Whisk in dextrose and milk powder. Bring to 85°C. Whisk in the stabilizer and guar gum, and bring to a full boil and continue to boil for 10 seconds. Cool over ice bath. Blend the praline paste into the chilled mixture until homogenous. Chill overnight. Process the mixture in an ice cream machine and store in a freezer at 14°C for service.

Buckwheat Struesel
Ingredient    1x
AP Flour    155
Buckwheat flour    180
Rice Flour    25
Almond Flour    220
Brown Sugar,
Wholesome Sweetners    180
Salt    4
Butter, cold cubed    220

Combine all dry ingredients in mixing bowl and mix on low speed with the paddle attachment on a standing mixer. Mix until thoroughly combined. Add the cold buter and mix until mixture is crumbly and butter is completely combined. Chill. Evenely spread mixture on a silpat lined half tray and bake @ 160°C for 15-18 minutes, or until evenly colored and dried. Cool. Store in pint container for service.

Candied Pecan
Ingredient    1x
Sugar    200
Pecans, toasted    250
Salt    2
Vanilla Extract, Madagascar
Bourbon Nielsen Massey    3

Combine sugar with a bit of water and bring to 114°C. Add the nuts, salt, and vanilla and stir constantly until sugar recrystallizes. Pour over a silpat to cool. Store in an airtight container for service.

Chef Garden
Micro Anise Hyssop    24 Each
Micro Fennel    16 Each
Bachelor Button Flowers    5 Each

Jim Hutchison
Pastry Chef
Winvian Relais & Chateux
155 Alain White Road
Morris, Ct 06763

Jim Hutchison 1

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