Fruit petits gateaux
Fabrizio Galla, Roberto Rinaldini, Rossano Vinciarelli


Lemon and almond biscuit
fresh butter    g    100
white cane sugar    g    100
Avola almond powder    g    100
flour    g    100
grated amalfi lemon rind    n    2
Knead together all the ingredients and spread in plexiglass mould. Cook in the oven at 150°C for 10 minutes.

Caramelized apples
grannie-smith green apples    g    500
fresh butter    g    40
cane sugar    g    18
apple pectin    g    3
Amalfi lemon rind    g    2
Calvados 30% vol.    g    2
Heat butter and sugar in a small pan, pour the diced apples and pectin and cook for a few minutes; then add the Calvados and let dry slowly. Pour into the moulds immediately.

Coconut, mango and lemon cream
Amalfi lemon rind    g    12
fresh Amalfi lemon juice    g    10
10% sweetened mango pulp     g    60
10% sweetened coconut pulp    g    75
white cane sugar    g    130
pasteurized whole eggs    g    275
white cane sugar    g    50
bourbon vanilla    n.    ½
diced fresh butter    g    65
fresh cream 35% butterfat    g    70
cocoa butter    g    15
gelatine sheets 125 bloom    g    8
white chocolate    g    40
Heat the fruit pulps at 45°C, add the eggs and sugar mixture and cook at 82°C: then cool down to 45°C. Combine the gelatine and emulsify with the cutter in the following order: butter, chocolate, cocoa butter and fresh cream. Pour immediately into the moulds.

fresh cream 35% butterfat    g    320
white cane sugar    g    30
Bari almonds    g    200
bitter almond    g    5
Heat the whole mixture to 65°C and combine the almonds previously mixed in the cutter.

 Bourbon vanilla and lemon-perfumed almond smooth cream
filtered cream    g    270
white cane sugar    g    120
gelatine sheets    g    12
Amalfi lemon rind    n.    1
fresh cream 35% butterfat    g    250
bourbon vanilla pod    n.    1
At 35°C combine the filtered infusion cream with the gelatine and the cream whipped with vanilla and grated lemon rind.

 Lime-perfumed pineapple tartare
pineapple    g    300
neutral gelatine    g    60
lime peel    g    2
Cut the pineapple in small dices, pickle with the grated lime rind and combine with the gelatine.

White chocolate spray mixture
white chocolate     g    140
cocoa butter    g    170
titanium dioxide    g    10
Melt all the ingredients at 45°C, filter and insert into the spray-gun.


First of all strain the inside of the dessert with the coconut, mango and lemon cream for about 1.5 cm; cool quickly in the blast chiller. In the meantime cook the caramelised apple and, once drained, place them on top of the cream. Put the mixture in the blast chiller. Prepare the almond smooth cream, fill half of the mould and insert the frozen inside part; close with the crumble previously frozen. Chill the whole mixture and, when it’s well cold, spray a chocolate- based white mixture with the gun. Then, fill the inside with the fresh pineapple. Put an orange sugar ring after having placed the pineapple tartare, previously garnished with golden leaves and raspberry, in the inside.

Fabrizio Galla, Roberto Rinaldini, Rossano Vinciarelli
Team Italy, Nashville WPTC 2008
Foto Giancarlo Bononi

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