Waiting for Christmas

The Italian artisan trends


Artisan leavened bakery production in Italy is an increasingly consolidated trend. Pastry chefs carefully select the best ingredients and working techniques in a celebration of taste, awesome combinations, and locally sourced products. Moreover, packaging often becomes a tribute to current fashion trends (i.e. the abundance of leather, lace, studs and tulle of the autumn-winter 22-23 collections) and the means to express artistic and social messages, such as sustainability issues.


Panettone by Luca De Santi for IYO. Chef explains: “The butter has been reduced in a very soft dough, to reduce fat in general and dairy products, which are not very present in Japanese cuisine. The consistency is airy, reminiscent of shokupan in melting”.


The artistic novelty of the two brothers Giulio and Vincenzo Bonfissuto is a dough with gianduia, drops of dark chocolate and zabaglione and Marsala cream, proposed in a pack created by the street artist Mart Signed.
Kaleidoscopic colors of Sicilian majolica, typical decorations of the Sicilian cart, geometries inspired by the Byzantine mosaics of Palermo and natural scenes that pay homage to the beauties of the island. The creativity of the Fiasconaro packaging, for the Dolce&Gabbana collection.


At Christmas, chefs, pastry chefs and gelato makers celebrate local and sustainability issues.

Amaro by Stefano Guizzetti. A panettone prepared with an infusion of herbs and mountain roots, blueberries and candied grapefruit, which gives gentian, rhubarb and cinchona aromas (Ciacco Lab in Parma e Milano).


Pandoro with mountain herbs by Paolo Griffa. The surprise is given by the sugar, flavored with chamomile and verbena.


For Palazzo di Varignana (with the largest olive grove in Emilia Romagna), Gino Fabbri reinterprets the Christmas cake with an extra virgin olive oil with character, Vargnano, a monocultivar from Brisighella.


The well-known Milanese brand Martesana, for the limited edition at Toscano Amedei, chooses a reusable paper hat box in cotton fibers.


Panettone is good twice, because it is produced according to tradition, and the sales incomes go to charity.


The starred chef Bruno Barbieri donates the proceeds from the sales of his traditional leavened product to the National Cancer Association.


Alongside the limited edition Saffron and Orange, Alessandro Negrini and Fabio Pisani, for Il Luogo di Aimo e Naia, combine a classic production and donate part of the proceeds to the Foundation for research on cystic fibrosis.


All the tin packs of the Gusto 17 Christmas line are illustrated with the wishes of the children of Make-A-Wish® Italia, seen through the colors and strokes of the artist Adry De Martino. A contribution goes to the association for each purchase.


Cioccolato featuring Natale

Olivier Buisson, member of Relais Desserts, creates a chocolate spoon biscuit, combined with peanut praline and vanilla punch, caramelized peanuts, vanilla cream and peanut Bavarian cream for his Bûche Peanuts.
The Christmas mousse in Bayonne by Lionel Raux, a member of Relais Desserts, is a small sculpture, with pressed pastry, vanilla Bavarian cream and semi-candied cherries.


Chocolate is also the totem ingredient of Gianluca Fusto, who uses it to decorate (with a large bow) its Cherry Christmas, amaretto biscuit with almonds at the base, Sulmona confetti cream, sour cherry compote with Bronte pistachio praline mousse (Fusto Milano).



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